Stand Out with a Thought Leadership Brand that Takes You Places

Thought leadership brand advising, workshops and speaking for hidden high achievers ready to step out, stand apart and rise up in their industries with more impact and influence.

Michelle B. Griffin, Personal Branding Consultant

Ready to Stand Out As the Expert You Are?

You're tops in your field, let's make sure your brand reflect it.

  • Be known for your zone of genius
  • Elevate your brand and professional reputation
  • Share your message for impact and influence  
  • Effortlessly attract clients and industry opportunities 

Are you a Hidden High Achiever Ready to Build Your Brand?

When you want to step out in your industry, you may feel a bit unclear on how to move forward. Maybe you're overwhelmed with the cliche advice out there. Or stuck trying to communicate your value or feel uncomfortable putting yourself out there?

As The Brand Therapist,℠ I understand exactly how you feel. That's why I'm here to clarify, simplify and amplify your thought leadership brand-building journey so you confidently stand out, create impact and achieve more in your business and industry.

Thought Leadership Branding Has Powerful Payoffs:

  • Guest on podcasts
  • Land press mentions
  • Speak on stages
  • Participate in industry events
  • Join advisory boards
  • Build your community
  • Land promotions and clients
  • Grow your bottom line
  • Make true impact

Get Noticed

Differentiate yourself with a clear and compelling personal brand

Get Known

Raise your profile and become seen and sought-after in your field

Get Results

Grow your impact, increase your bottom line and find fulfillment


Michelle B. Griffin 

Thought Leadership Branding Strategist, Author, Speaker, and Trainer for Professional Services Experts & Leaders

Hi, I'm Michelle

When you're ready to get out there in a bigger way, you may feel a bit unclear on how to move forward.

That’s why as The Brand Therapist℠ I’m here to change that for hidden high achievers like you. With my thought leadership branding books, speaking, advising, workshops and personal positioning system, you'll clearly and confidently stand out and achieve more in your career, business and industry.

You’re already an expert and leader in what you do, I'll ensure more of the right people see, hear, and know about you.

Let's build a brand that takes you places,

Michelle B. Griffin, The Brand Therapist
Michelle Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist
Michelle Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist
Michelle B. Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist
Conversational Copywriting
certified digital marketer

How I'm Different as The Brand Therapist℠

I take a foundational vs fluffy approach to personal branding. Many professionals waste time and money on DIY branding or investing in "personal branding" tactical services — content writing, social media management, or visual identity design. Those aspects communicate your brand but don't build your brand foundation.

Without it, you risk being indistinguishable, missing out on perfect-fit clients and authority-building industry opportunities that come with a strategy to position yourself as the expert and leader you are.

That's why I created a 7-step personal positioning system, BrandGPS™ that's the strategic blueprint used in all my branding work — books, custom brand roadmaps, speaking, and corporate branding workshops to ensure alignment, growth, and success.

Plus, with 20 years+ in branding, marketing and PR, you're getting 5 experts in one: brand builder • messaging mentor • copywriting coach • marketing master • public relations pro as your guide.


Clarify Your Brand.

Simplify The Process.

Amplify Your Success.

The Brand GPS System™ is my strategic framework outlining the 7 core principles of a standout thought leadership brand. It's a step-by-step personal branding, messaging and visibility blueprint that gives professional services providers and practices the clarity, structure and momentum to confidently become the Standout Expert™ in your industry.

  • Get Hands-On Support

When you're so close to what you do, it is difficult to find a grounded perspective. I walk my clients through each step of my proven branding framework with in-depth assessments and targeted questions to ensure objectivity, alignment and purpose.

  • See Forward Momentum

When you're so close to what you do, it is difficult to find a grounded perspective. I walk my clients through each step of my proven branding framework with in-depth assessments and targeted questions to ensure objectivity, alignment and purpose.

  • Find Clarity

Clarity is a superpower and the North Star to your brand. Understanding the special role you play in the marketplace can feel daunting. This is why I take you through a proven approach to unlock your true expertise in terms that you and others can easily grasp.

  • Gain Visibility

Getting clear on the value you provide is only one-half of the journey. You'll enjoy an easy-to-follow process to successfully showcase your expertise, build trust and grow authority so clients and industry opportunities unquestionably chose YOU.

Branding The Experts™ Services



My thought leadership branding books help you confidently present and position yourself on LinkedIn as a Standout Expert™ in you space with proven strategies, real-life stories and action-taking workbooks. LEARN MORE



My custom Position Yourself™ Thought Leadership Brand Roadmaps based on my personal brand positioning system, BrandGPS™ give you clarity and a plan to up-level yourself to garner more visibility, authority, and achievement in your career, business and industry. LEARN MORE and LEARN MORE



"Position Yourself to Achieve More" is the focus of my educational and motivating presentations to elevate your leadership, employees, group or team to know their worth, express their value and share their expertise to rise up in their roles and businesses. LEARN MORE



My Branding The Experts™ workshops empower and elevate your group or team to confidently grow their thought leadership brands so they confidently land more visibility, authority and achievement as they concurrently grow the business and stand out in their industries. LEARN MORE

Clients Like You Say This...

Michelle Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist
Shermalyn Sidonie-John 

Michelle helped me better position myself and "own" my unique message for my TedX talk.

Michelle Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist
Jared Amaral

Michelle challenged me to be specific about my brand which helped me land bigger clients.

Michelle Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist
Lisa Richer

Michelle helped me create a clear and concise message that landed me podcasting and speaking opportunities, fast.

Michelle Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist
Barb Golub

I didn't know what my message was before I worked with Michelle.

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