An Amazon Recruiter Shares Exactly How to Build Your Career and Personal Brand


In this episode, we speak with Dan Roth, an executive technical trainer at Amazon. He is all about helping people identify your unique value proposition when looking for your dream job.

How do you tailor your resume? How important is networking? Dan highlights some of the things recruiters look for and how you can get started.


[02:36] Where does one start, and what do recruiters look for?

[05:24] How do you start on what makes you unique and stand out?

[13:55] What makes a good resume?

[15:22] LinkedIn profile

[25:54] Certifications

[27:07] Recommendation

[29:40] Three key takeaways


● “ When people notice you, that builds your value, and that value is what establishes your brand well.” (04:43-04:47)

● “When the time is right, you’re going to figure it out.” (09:30-09:40)

● “Networking is one home, most critical and underutilized components of the job search in general.” (11:32-11:40)

● “Do not leave out the things that show who you are in value just because you feel like you’re, worried about being having a bias against you.” (23:58-24:06)

● “Do not use the easy apply function.”(30:47-30:49)


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