Michelle B. Griffin, The Brand Therapist

Program Homework

Session 2 Homework: PEOPLE

1) Complete remaining 2 parent interviews

2) Add 2 additional interview questions - to assess their awareness stage 

3) Add to People Plan:

(add Interview, links, and "I wish, I could, I hope, I want, I hate, I love statements" and any key findings you glean from 4 interviews)

Avatar Assessment for People Plan (NEW: updated file link and complete areas in yellow based on new interviews)

4) Research online on college to career for any additional insights or market/industry gaps and partners to add to People Plan

Example: College career sites:


5) Ruminate on your new brand name, umbrella holistic name  - Ideas we discussed: 

• College2Career Academy

• The College Career Professor-- because no one teaches you how to find a job and career you love in college

• Virtual College Career Center: based this website,

Session 1 Homework: PERSPECTIVE

1) Core Values:

Here's a list of core values to review and decide which resonate best with you. Pick your top 5 core values for next week's session.

2) Voice of Customer Research and Mining:

The goal is to know your ideal client and how they perceive their world and their pain points. You want to know them inside out, their problems, challenges, needs, and all the things related to the service you provide so we can differentiate you and clarify your messaging so they relate and want to hire you

We want to discover and describe (and transcribe) in their exact words and phrases.

a) Search Them Out:

Find their key search terms. What are the words and phrases they might use to research their pain point in relation to your services for next week's session

Find where they're located. Where might you find them online and offline? List as many places for next week's session.

Places and Tools to Use
Amazon Book Reviews
Calls/Zoom Call
Coffee Chat
Client Interviews/Sessions
Online Reviews
Industry Blogs
Social Profiles
Parent Hangout Areas (sports, golf, clubs, groups etc)
University Career Centers
Competitor Websites
Google News Search
Any other place you locate

Find an ideal client to interview: Ask them their desired outcomes (needs/wants/goals), and their motivations and capture their words and phrases. or can be connected to Zoom to capture their feedback and report back for next week's session. 

> Parent of college students/new grads

> College student/new grad (as your indirect avatar, we want to know what drives them if their parents can't articulate this part.

Here's what to capture:

• Who they are, beliefs, values, desires. (demographics and psychographics)

• What are their struggles and desired outcomes. (Logical, emotional and aspirational motivations here.)

• Where are their searching to alleviate their struggles and find a solution to their desired outcome? (to aid in positioning, messaging, offers)

How are they trying to resolve their issues? (any steps/services they're taking now)

Why do they want to resolve this issue? (Emotional and aspirational motivations and deeper meaning here.)

NOTE: Keep your research and notes in an online document as I will be transferring it to your Customer Field Notes File on this page.