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Brand Authority Audit

Is Your Brand Helping You or Holding You Back?

Michelle B. Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist


The Brand Authority Audit

● Do you want to grow your business but know your current brand (or lack thereof) is holding you back?

● Are you ready to level up your business but not sure where to start?

● Do you want to represent your work the way it deserves with better positioning and presence?

My Personal Brand Authority Audits will do just that using my proven 7-step framework, much like a brand health check and reboot all in one.

Now that you're well-positioned to stand out and connect with dream clients, it's time to package and promote your expertise in a Brand Plan Sprint.™ These "pick and choose" 1-1 coaching services based on my proprietary brand positioning system, BrandGPS, ™ align and amplify your brand across social, website, collateral, content, PR and more. 

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It's a deep-dive analysis and benchmark of your personal brand’s position and presence in the current market.

 Find needed clarity and direction so you get out there in a bigger way.

Is your brand helping you or holding you back? Clarity is your (brand) superpower. Find inconsistencies, identify gaps and learn growth opportunities in a comprehensive Brand Benchmark.

This in-depth assessment is measured on the 7 phases of my proprietary personal positioning system, The BrandGPS.™ Find needed clarity and direction so you get out there in a bigger way.

Included Is:

  • 1 detailed assessment to perform a deep dive brand analysis
  • 1 90-minute 1:1 brand call were I dig deeper on your brand's positioning, strengths and weaknesses
  • 1 in-depth online brand audit to determine your current presence in your space.
  • 1 follow up personalized report and video with custom recommendations to refine your brand to your bigger business vision.

PRICE: $1,500

Michelle Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist

Michelle B. Griffin, Personal Branding and Public Relations Strategist and Coach

Your Brand is Your Best Business Asset

For knowledge-led businesses, your brand is your business and the product is you. So knowing exactly where you stand and how you can stand out gives you an advantage in your niche.

I designed my Authority Audits so you know exactly how and where your brand is working for you and what you can do to strengthen it. In addition to our 1-1 session, you'll receive a personalized report to take immediate action and recommendations for future growth.

3 Easy Steps to My Personal Brand Audits

Step 1: Assess

Before our call, you'll submit information on your roadblock. Gathering this information will save us time and allow me to preview and research before our personalized call.

Step 2: Analyze

On our call, we'll get to the root cause of your brand issue. When you get out of your own head and with someone else asking the questions, brand breakthroughs happen.

Step 3 Advise

After our call, you'll receive a personalized report with my recap and recommendations for next steps. The audio recording and transcript are yours to review and take immediate action. 

Michelle Griffin, Personal Branding Podcast

Michelle B. Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist

Let's Make Sure You Brand Looks as Good Online as You Do in Person

 A personal brand audit helps you understand your exact starting point and path forward. 




Within the first couple weeks, I had a 40K+ view post and numerous people reach out for business.

Before I worked with Michelle, I had NO idea what I was doing.  I was winging it plus I didn't have clarity on who my real target market actually was. I also felt drowned out. There were so many other professionals doing what I did that I felt like my voice wouldn't be heard but Michelle changed all that. She gave me clarity, strategy, and motivation. Those weekly session changed my business tremendously. It was awesome to work with her and anyone considering it needs to just dive in. Money well spent!

Michelle Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist


Michelle is super easy to work with, very knowledgeable about building a personal brand, and her approach was very much a collaborative one

I considered a few other personal branding consultants, but none of them seemed to have what I felt was the most important attribute - authenticity. To this day whenever I talk to Michelle, I don't feel like just a client. And I think that approach is why Michelle is one of the best out there. So if you need help with your brand and content, you are on the right LinkedIn profile. Michelle is amazing at what she does and I continue to recommend her to professionals whenever I can!

Attract clients you love with a brand that sets you apart

Master your positioning, messaging and visibility with my proven 7-step brand blueprint so perfect-fit clients sit up, take note & choose you.