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This 30-minute brand clarity chat will give you much-needed perspective to build and boost your personal brand via my speaking, training, and consulting.

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Michelle B Griffin, Thought Leadership Branding Speaker

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Michelle B. Griffin, The Brand Therapist
  • 20 years in public relations and executive marketing  
  • Master's Degree, Public Relations
  • Author, The LinkedIn Branding Book
  • Host, top ranked The Brand TherapistPodcast
  • Co-Host, top-ranked, LinkedIn Branding Show Podcast
  • Creator, Brand GPS™ personal positioning system

You're getting 5 experts in one with The Brand Therapist℠

  • Brand builder
  • Messaging mentor
  • Copywriting coach
  • Marketing master
  • Public relations pro
Michelle B Griffin, The Brand Therapist, Personal Branding Consultant, Coach and Speaker
Michelle Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist
Michelle Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist
Michelle B. Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist
Conversational Copywriting
certified digital marketer

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