Michelle B. Griffin, The Brand Therapist

Being Unclear Keeps You Stuck

 Are you losing business to others who are more clear about who they are and what they offer?

As a busy founder, what is being stuck costing you in lost opportunities —  business growth, industry partnerships, recognition in your field and more?

You're Too Valuable to Stay Stuck a Day Longer 

Each day you're selling yourself short by not getting clarity in your brand. Each day that you remain hidden and held back means someone else is stepping in line for the opportunities you deserve. You're too valuable to stay stuck a day longer without clarity, direction and focus.

The Brand Therapist™ Is Here to Help

It's a fact -- business leaders who are crystal clear about the nuanced expertise they bring clients, communicate the most compelling message and drive results.

I'm here to help you find Clarity, Confidence and Credibility

Michelle B. Griffin, The Brand Therapist

Michelle B. Griffin, The Brand Therapist℠

Brand Therapy Uncovers

Your Brand Roadblocks

Ready to get out there but have too many ideas keeping you stuck? I know first-hand how hard it is to be the "consumer" of your own brand. When you stay in the "professional hamster wheel," it can leave you feeling confused, overwhelmed and not moving forward. 

I designed my brand therapy sessions to help you find clarity and give direction to the swirl of ideas and questions in your head. After all, clarity is one of the best gifts you can give yourself, your career and your business. It's your North Star to better opportunities.

Get the Clarity You Need to Move Forward

Michelle B. Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist

When it's time to get the clarity you need to get unstuck and get out of your head, my 90-minute Brand Therapy Sessions give you a fresh perspective and strategy on one specific roadblock for your personal brand. Each session includes:

  • 1:1 session over Zoom
  •  90-minutes of personalized support
  • Audio recording and transcript for review
  • Follow up email or WhatsApp support during work hours for one week following our session.
  • Recap and recommendations for next steps to take immediate action.

PRICE: $350 

3 Easy Steps to Your 

Brand Therapy Session

No more guessing what works, putting it on hold or trying to DIY it yourself.

When you're so close to what you do, it's impossible to objectively see the "frame" of the picture you're in. My brand therapy clarity sessions give you unbiased feedback and focused direction to the swirl of ideas and questions in your head.

Step 1: Assess

Before our call, you'll receive my proprietary assessment to gather information to save us time and allow me to preview and research before our personalized call.

Step 2: Analyze

On our call, I'll ask you questions and listen attentively to determine where you need to go or what's blocking you from getting there. When you "get out of your own head" with someone else asking the questions, brand breakthroughs happen and clarity emerges.

Step 3: Advise

After our call, you'll receive a personalized report with my recap and recommendations for your next steps. The audio recording and transcript are yours to review and take immediate action. 

They Got Unstuck. So Can You.

Michelle Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist



Michelle helped me better position myself and "own" my unique message for my TedX talk.

As somebody who comes from branding and marketing, it's hard to brand yourself, but Michelle was able to expertly guide me. Our deep dive sessions taught me so much and I'm just so immensely grateful for her insights and collaboration.

Michelle B. Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist



I’ve never been SO crystal clear on my mission or my message. 

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve pivoted my business in the past 3 years. The problem? I was trying to be something other than myself… and Michelle saw right through the BS! I never realized it, but I struggled to find my own identity. Michelle helped me re-align my business and my content with my passions. I’m re-energized and re-invigorated. I don’t know why I waited so long to book a call -- do yourself a favor and get on her calendar now! 

Michelle Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist


She'll help you fine-tune your messaging.

If you're stuck or need coaching to get a crystal clear message, Michelle is the person to tap into for brand clarity and positioning. She was instrumental in teaching our students how to niche and position themselves in their industry


Michelle consolidated and simplified my marketing messaging.

I was frustrated and concerned that I was not effectively marketing my services. Michelle helped me better define my messaging and offerings. She is a pleasure to work with, has a lot of great ideas, and utilizes a marketing development method that's helped me attract more referrals.

Michelle B. Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist


Michelle helped me position and launch my new Golden Anchor framework.

She gave me a great way to describe what I’m offering and suggestions on how to present my services on LinkedIn.  Our session helped me find clarity and then implement the create positive action steps – my building blocks to success!


"Michelle is amazing at what she does. Not being confused, overwhelmed and frustrated anymore is exactly what she delivers with each “session."

"You have always listened patiently, and with your experience have been able to coach me into the right positioning and helped me evolve over time. Talking things through with you has made everything so much easier - like writing my headline, my About Section, and dare I say my website is getting there."

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