December 6


Find Your Genius and Share it Authentically With Your Personal Brand with Brand Identity Coach Tracy Borreson

You have “permission to do you,” says Tracy Borreson, a brand identity coach who has a unique perspective on personal branding.

I interviewed Tracy on how to create a space where you can find your own voice and confidence to use their words and their genius to share what they want with the world. 

Learn more on “permission to do you” and the zone of genius versus expertise.


[01:29] Tracy’s story

[02:08] The origin of the phrase “permission to do you.”

[07:28] Building your lane with clients

[13:00] Where to start in “permission to do you.”

[19:37] Zone of genius vs Zone of expertise.

[22:02] Three key takeaways

[24:37] Where do you find your zone of genius.


● “You don’t need permission, and you don’t need perfection.” (04:16-04:18)

● “Any time you have strong emotions, those are indicators of your brand, whether or not it’s an alignment, and so use that. Take that as a pride moment. You know what, I got disappointed because my personal values were not met today. That’s okay!” (10:17-10:31)

● “If you’re a business owner, you’re not going to get any sales. Unless you tell somebody you do a thing”. (11:42-11:46)

● “So the most important thing is to understand that you are the full picture, and then transitioning that into the voice is not censoring any part of that picture. On purpose, that doesn’t mean you have to say all the things all the time. “ (18:01-18:18)

● “It’s a universal experience to feel judged, and I would be interested to hear your perspective on this, Michelle, but the more that I have grown my personal brand, the less I care. (23:51-24:03)

● “Practice makes permanent.”(26:56-26:28)


Connect with Tracy

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● Website: TLB Coaching and Events


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