December 6


From Employee to Entrepreneur: How Lena Sersadic Is Building Her Personal Brand on LinkedIn

If you are looking to move from corporate to entrepreneurship, this episode shares a personal story on what it takes.

I interview Lena Sersadic, a product manager who turned to entrepreneurship after working in corporate for seven years.

Lena gives us snippets of what the transformation to entrepreneurship felt like. Was she ready, or did she just leave blindly? She also gives us some recommendations and caution based on her experience.


[02:44] Snippet of Lena’s feelings after leaving corporate

[05:22] Doing it right after leaving corporate

[08:04] Lena’s next step after failure

[12:29] How long it took her before things started making sense

[16:44] Changing your headline

[19:52] Email Lists

[21:25] Recommendations and caution based on Lena’s experience

[27:22] Lena’s professional mantra


● “Put yourself out there: Go help others. You’ll figure out all that, but also niche down. When you’re learning, you know you can’t help everyone, the old cliche, and it’s so true. Go get as tight and small as you can because that’s going to be the fastest way to get noticed.” (18:50-19:02)

● “When you build your brand. It is you, but sometimes you don’t know exactly what you want to be doing or you got to try things out but put yourself out there keep doing it.”(19:22-19:29)

● “A personal brand is created through action, so you have to do stuff to actually build a personal brand and develop it and scale it down the line, and that means posting on LinkedIn(21:50-21:59)

● “We can’t help people unless they know how much we can help them and we step out there to help them.”(26:06-25:11)

● “Don’t try and put a square peg into a round hole. Just let things come to you, and when you play the long-game, the right opportunities kind of present themselves.” (25:31-25:38)

● Transparency attracts opportunities.” (27:32-27-35)


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