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The #365 Creators 

Community Guidelines

This community is NOT an engagement pod and we don’t encourage or support the use of these on LinkedIn.

1. Your year starts when you do. Move the needle #365 times this year and watch how you and your personal and professional opportunities grow.<<You don’t have to post every day, (but you can if you want). Decide what’s doable for you and then move at it daily.

We’re on the honor system, but we’re here to help you with motivation and accountability. Download the community streak builder template below to gauge and grow your progress. 

2. Do one positive motion daily to move the needle. This means you can post or comment to make up your #365. You pick what's doable to post and make up the rest in the comments. If you miss a day, then get back on and you’ll still be consistent.

3. New Members:

So glad you're here. Please don't forget to introduce yourself, and tell us where you’re from in a new post.

Download The #365 Creators Community Streak Builder® template here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1J_KM7by8pHjS1qH4h-qCyN4AQD7ycl1vKA5l0k4biAM/copy

How to use the streak builder: https://lnkd.in/d5Whjt9s?

4. PLEASE: *DO NOT add your post or company page post links or spam* as they will be deleted to keep the feed clean for intros, networking, questions, and peer support. <<They will be deleted and habitual posters will keep removed from the group.>>(Follow and add the #365challenge to your posts so we can see your posts.)

PLEASE don't mass spam tag or mass connect via automation to group members. <<Those that do will be removed.>>

5. Feel free to invite anyone who can benefit from “putting themselves out there” on LinkedIn at https://michellebgriffin.com/the365creators

6. This is *NOT* an engagement pod, just a place to connect with others needing consistency, share ideas and keep one another accountable. <<Please don't post or DM a member to start or join one.>>

 7. You ARE encouraged to ask connect, comment, and support each other as much as possible in the feed. Use the group to ask questions for ideas, share your wins, and what you’re struggling with.

We’re in this together!

8. Remember, consistently showing up every day is better than perfect. Not sure what to post, YOUR LIFE IS YOUR CONTENT. Stories from daily life are a great place to start.Let’s do this together, one day, one positive, forward motion at a time!

So glad you're here!

PYOT, "put yourself out there"

Michelle B. Griffin, Founder, The #365 Creators Community

Any questions or suggestions, please reach out to me via DM @MichelleBGriffin on LinkedIn