How Ariel Lee Built Her Personal Brand and Thriving Business as the LinkedIn Unicorn


“Find whatever it is about you that is unique and special and try to find a way to highlight that,” says LinkedIn Unicorn Ariel Lee. Ariel discovered that the secret to thriving on the platform was to leave her business persona behind and show up as one hundred percent herself. 

When Ariel first started on LinkedIn, she thought she had to show up as a formal, all business all the time, person, but she quickly realized that didn’t encourage others to engage with her. When she began to showcase her true self, followers and engagement poured in. Ariel explains that all businesses are relationship based. By interacting with connections and secondary connections, she has been able to develop personal relationships with businesses. Her main tips for being successful on LinkedIn are to comment frequently on other’s posts and to be true to yourself. 

Tune into this week’s episode of The Business of You for a conversation between host Michelle Griffin and special guest Ariel Lee on how to build your personal brand and enhance your business using LinkedIn. Learn tips for how to grow your network and create more engaging content. 



• “On LinkedIn, the key is finding content from second degree connections. As far as how you expand your network, find content that you find engaging from your second degree connections, leave a meaningful comment, and then send them a connection request.” (02:26-02:41)

• “Different is better than better. So, you have to find whatever it is about you that is unique and special and try to find a way to highlight that.” (07:09-07:20)

• “Do whatever you feel comfortable with and whatever you can enjoy.” (08:18-08:22)

• “I so firmly believe that all business is relationship-based. I don’t care if you’re a product business or a service business….If I need to make a purchase on anything, when I have a choice… I’m going to go to LinkedIn and I’m going to search and see who I know in my network and at that point once there is a personal connection, I’m not shopping for the best price. It just is life changing when you can develop a personal relationship with people and I feel like it’s more important to do that.” (08:49-09:35)

• “Show up as exactly who you are.” (23:14-23:16)


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