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How Being Relentlessly Helpful on LinkedIn Will Make You Stand Out Above the Noise

“Build relationships through those comments and through direct messages because the more you support others, the more those people will want to support you,” encourages John Espirian, copywriter and author of Content DNA. In today’s episode, John shares his experience with creating a memorable brand for himself on LinkedIn and tips for how you can best grow your brand and your business on the platform.

John prides himself on creating “relentlessly helpful content.” This catch-phrase launched a positive change for John’s personal brand because it is intriguing, meaningful, and memorable. By weaving this phrase into all of his content, he has been able to reinforce and grow his message. John’s tips for being successful on LinkedIn include crafting a compelling headline, being consistent with your brand’s image and voice, and writing thoughtful comments on posts from those in your industry. John explains that he actually gets most of his business from interacting in the comments of other people’s posts. 

Tune into this week’s episode of The Business of You for a conversation with host Michelle Griffin and special guest John Espirian on the importance of building a community on LinkedIn and how it can benefit your brand and business. 



• “I think it’s much easier to be known if you’re just trying to build up your column of visibility in one spot instead of trying to spread it out. It’s like a spotlight almost instead of a broad beam. So, that’s the approach I took…I found that people who focus on being known for one thing in one space are more likely to succeed than people who try to do absolutely everything on every platform.” (04:54-05:24)

• “I said, ‘I’m going to create relentlessly helpful content.’ I didn’t even think about it. The words just poured out. As soon as I said it, people started echoing it back to me, and I realized I was onto something. That was really the beginning of the change of my personal brand…As soon as I had something that someone would echo and remember, that gave me an advantage. That came about through luck, but as soon as I realized it, I started using it in everything. Every headline you see from me will have that phrase in there…You want something that is interesting, differentiated, easy to remember, easy to say and that still conveys some meaning, it’s not just froth. So, just re-emphasizing that message over and over again, turning up, talking about the same topics. Having the same shape every time you show up, the same way of talking, the same visual appeal. It just reinforces your message and makes it much easier for people to remember you and people to refer you.” (06:21-07:29) 

• “First of all you’ve got to get that headline of your LinkedIn profile nailed. Especially the first 40 characters, because it’s something that follows you all around LinkedIn. Whenever you show up, your name, your photo, your first 40 characters that’s what everyone will see. They might see more, but they’ll see that at a minimum. If your first 40 characters of your headline don’t tell a compelling reason about what your value proposition is in an interesting way, people will just look you over…and part two is commenting relevantly on other people’s content…It’s actually more effective to go and find relevant conversations…and turn up and write something supportive, authoritative, relevant to your industry. Because if you marry that with an interesting headline and a good comment, the people who are watching will go, ‘Wow! Who is this person? We need to find out more about them’…and actually that’s where most of my business comes from.” (17:32-18:44)

• “Build relationships through those comments and through direct messages because the more you support others, the more those people will want to support you.” (21:04-21:11) 

• “Define what your brand is and keep showing up as that brand. You’re never gonna see a blue Coke can…be that distinctive brand.” (30:37-30:47)

• “I always keep coming back to ‘a rising tide lifts all boats.’ I put that in my book. I don’t really believe in competition. I just believe in trying to help people do good things and then other good unexpected things can come from that and everyone’s level goes up. So, I’m not really scared of competition, I just want to help more people. That’s what it’s all about for me.” (33:17-33:40)


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