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How Corporate Leader Liam Darmody Build His Personal Brand on LinkedIn in 12 Months

How exactly can a corporate professional and leader build their brand on LinkedIn? In this “How I Brand This” episode, I share the personal story of exactly how.

I interview Liam Darmody, Director of Talent Attraction and Operations at Willow Tree, on his personal account and fast-track to success building his professional personal brand on LinkedIn in just 12 months.

How did Liam get started? What are his tips and secrets to up-ticking so fast? Liam highlights what inspired him to put his personal brand out there, posting consistency, and his best tips to building your personal brand on LinkedIn.


[01:25] When did you start putting your brand out there?

[04:54] Posting consistency

[07:26] Liam’s uptick

[13:27] Baby steps to building your brand on LinkedIn.

[17:14] Liam’s journey from 450 to 24K connections.

[17:25] Secrets to up ticking so fast

[23:23] Key takeaways on building your personal brand on LinkedIn


● “Before you can become consistent. You have to become comfortable with just getting out there and putting it out there, and I think that is the biggest hurdle for so many people. (05:52)

● “Biggest step once you follow. Find the sort of content that you like talking about, identify the topics at two or three topics, talk about what you’re passionate about, then just start putting stuff out there and see how it goes and ignore the stats .” (15:18-15:32)

● “Anybody has generated significant and genuine followings that are actually engaged with what they’re putting out there is taken time and commitment.”(15:41-15:50)

● “If you want to get more visibility on the linked platform, think of every opportunity to put your name somewhere.” (20:53-20:58)

● “You know you don’t have to go and do a newsletter podcast, but just start with your personal brand, even if you’re working full time.”(22:50-22:56)

● “Engagement is paramount, and you have to be engaging in the people’s content and be patient .” (23:41-23:45)

● “When you’re starting out, patience and consistency are the hardest ones. Like I want to like this should have happened by now. I should have gone viral by now.”(23:57-25:11)

● “Pace equals success.” (25:06-25:09)


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