December 6


How Personal Brands Can Create Content and Connection Using a Company Page with Global Pages Expert Michelle J. Raymond (Part 1)

Does a personal brand and personal brand business need BOTH a company page and a personal brand?


I interview Australian-based, Michelle J. Raymond, Chief Social Strategist of Good trading Co and THE globally recognized LinkedIn company page expert to tell us exactly why.

What is the golden ratio for posting on a company website and avoiding only promotional content? Michelle highlights the importance of having a company page, how to get started, and strategies to get your idle page bumped up.

Learn how to double your opportunity and revenue with a personal brand and a company brand page on LinkedIn.


[01:17] Michelle J. Raymond’s story

[03:04] How to get started with a company page

[04:40] Should the content on your personal page and company page be different?

[05:45] Strategies for the about section on your company page

[10:02] Strategies to get an idle company page bumped up?

[12:22] Putting your picture as a logo on your company page

[13:46] Top mistakes people make on company pages

[19:08] Three key takeaways on company pages

[21:03] Personal/professional mantra


● “You get a double opportunity with a personal and a company brand on LinkedIn.” (02:51-02:56)

● “ Take a look at what’s going on with you. Who’s following? Who’s in your company and choose what it is that’s actually going to work best for you but be open-minded that there could be other ways that you could go around things.” (13:26-13:36)

● “Have someone that’s monitoring and responding to community comments and any engagement that is on the post. You can’t just post and ignore it. It works exactly for the team, as your personal page, so make sure that you’re giving it the attention that it deserves.” (20:20-20:32]

● “If you hang out with garbage, you’re going to smell like it. So choose your LinkedIn network wisely. (21:17-21:23)


Connect with Michelle J. Raymond

● LinkedIn: Michelle J. Raymond

● Website: Good Trading Co.

● LinkedIn Company Page –


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