December 13


How Posting Daily on LinkedIn Boosted Our Personal Brands and Businesses

Getting out on LinkedIn is a goal for so many, but it’s hard. What to say? What to write about? What will people think?

I’ve heard it all and told myself that too.

But those who put themselves out there are the ones getting noticed, known, and seeing opportunities and results on LinkedIn.

After waffling for too long, I decided to “go big” and on January 1, I started the #365challenge to post on LinkedIn every single day in 2021.

And to my surprise, hundreds of others felt the same way and joined me. The #365Challenge community was born, (now The #365Brand). What a journey it’s been and still going strong with hundreds more. (see the link to join below).

In this episode, I interview two stars in the community, Michael Scott and Britt Crawford, who watched their personal brands on LinkedIn explode by posting content daily.

Here, at 323 episodes later, we share our lessons, successes, and failures and how you can “put yourself out there” and build your personal brand on LinkedIn.

UPDATE: On Dec. 31, 2021, I completed my challenge and posted 365 days on LinkedIn. I actually made 531 posts, and will detail more on a future episode)


[02:01] About Michael Scott

[03:41] About Britt Crawford

[07:25] Why we decide to put ourselves out there

[08:26] Michael’s Lessons

[11:46] Britt’s story of getting out there from the company perspective

[15:35] Starting out on LinkedIn

[20:46] Benefits of putting yourself out there and how fast you saw them.

[25:51] Should people post daily?

[37:16] Britt’s Tiktok experience

[42:28] Advice and goals

[46:17] Parting advice


● Don’t be over-complicated. You can definitely overcomplicate it, overthink, and then you just get stuck, thinking that your post was never old enough to post.” (17:33-17:46)

● “The other thing is just making it about you. It is all about you. Whatever you’re passionate about. (18:18-18:21)

● ‘Visibility is not vanity. It opens doors and unlocks opportunities.” (20:29-20:32)

● “I think establishing what boundaries are making them clear and then living within them posting within them is the important part.”(28:26-20:32)

● One of the gifts of putting yourself out there and starting to get in this mode, the ideas start flowing. (35:00-35:05)

● Create content that you would be interested in.”(42:45-42:47)

● Just put yourself out there, whatever baby steps that it takes, just get out of that comfort zone because that’s where the opportunities are.” (48:20-48:30)



● LinkedIn: Michael Scott

● LinkedIn: Britt Crawford


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