December 6


How These Two B2B Professionals Found Success as First Time LinkedIn Content Creators

Too many of us want to get out on LinkedIn. But we stay stuck on the sidelines not knowing how.
I interview Austin James, a certified financial consultant and Sam Swirsky, a sales manager at Brick on their stories putting yourself out on LinkedIn for the first time.

They get to share their inspiring journey on LinkedIn, steps to breaking out, and their successes and failures. They also also highlight how you can balance your personal life and still remain genuine and authentic on LinkedIn.



[01:50] About the Austin & Sam

[03:51] How they got started

[09:08] What’s the first step to breaking out

[14:40] Being intentional with your time

[15:57] How do you build who you are and show your personality

[22:57] How do you structure your content and the best content to post on LinkedIn.

[25:11] How do you know what to post?

[30:08] Successes and failures

[40:45] Professional mantra


● “Having that personal touch, you know aligning it with who you are is what you do. Combine them with some strategy and you’re on your way.” (05:13-05:20)

● “You can have your great ideas of what you want to talk about and things like that. But if you don’t know exactly who you’re talking to it’s, going to be really hard for your content to kind of attract that ideal client.”(09:28-09-41)

● “ Linkedin people who only post perfect stories about themselves will get a lot of kind of followers at first, but it’s usually people who are new to the platform, and they don’t really understand the culture of LinkedIn, and then after a while, the followers begin to fall .”(20:45-20:57)

● “ People are not a means to an end, right. It’s not like you’re using people to get what you want in life.” (37:08-37:11)

● “Give give without expectations, and it will come back to you.”(43:01-43:04)




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