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“Be smart enough to know that you may be the expert on whatever it is you’re sharing, but you’re probably not the expert in how to get out there and share it,” says Joel Forman, financial educator and creator of Forman’s Financial Facts. Joel has worked in financial management for many years and more recently as a financial educator, sharing his insight and financial tips with students, employers and universities. In today’s episode, Joel shares how he has grown his brand by using YouTube, TikTok, and LinkedIn. 

Joel shares that during the pandemic, consulting work became less profitable and he found himself looking to switch directions. With encouragement from one of his sons, Joel began to put himself out there on social media, challenging himself to create five videos a week and five “Financial Word of the Day”s to post on LinkedIn. By the end of his first year, Joel had created 250 videos and grown from having no social media presence to having a widely recognized brand. Joel’s main tips for anyone looking to get started sharing their expertise on social media are: choose one clear focus, ask for help, and stay engaged with other people in your industry’s content.

Tune into this week’s episode of The Business of You for a conversation with host Michelle Griffin and special guest Joel Forman about how to use social media to share your knowledge and be seen as an expert in your field. 



• “I decided I need to give free tips, free financial tips to show my level of expertise and to help people and to get people to engage. I decided at first I was just going to write financial word of the days, where I was going to have a little topic and write a couple sentences and put it out there. And then I was like this is kind of good, but I think video. So many people like video, I’ve got to do that too. So I decided okay, let’s set a goal. I want to do about five word of the days and five videos a week and put them out on LinkedIn. That’s ten pieces of content a week for a whole year. In total, I ended up with 250 of both.” (6:55-7:35)

• “Be smart enough to know that you may be the expert on whatever it is that you’re sharing, but you’re probably not the expert in how to get out there and share it. Even though I got over the fear of doing the videos, I had to be coached on how to say things… I make my videos like I’m having a conversation… I think that’s really important too, because people want to feel engaged.” (26:09-26:56)

• “It’s helped me with getting people to recognize me as a financial educator versus a financial management person. Which is different. Just like in school, some people are good students but they can’t necessarily teach others in terms of tutors and other people can tutor. I’m fortunate in that I’m able to teach what I know…to people in a way that they can understand…It doesn’t feel like work to me. It’s a lot of effort…I’m passionate about it and I like it…I love when you’re explaining something to someone which previously they were like deer in the headlights by their own admission and all of a sudden the lightbulb goes on.” (21:59-24:03)

• “Be really clear about what it is you want to get out there with. Don’t be a jack of all, master of none.” (25:20-25:29)

• “You don’t ever want to be the smartest person in the room. There are so many people out there that know so many things…I’d say I’m rarely if ever the smartest person in the room and that’s good, because I’m learning and absorbing like a sponge. I’ve learned more in these last 15 months with everything that I’m doing than I’ve learned in a long time. It’s kind of like being in school…like life school.” (27:25-27:51)


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