How to Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn By Being a Category of One With Nick Bennett


“LinkedIn has created all of these amazing things that I would never have thought would have been possible,” shares Nick Bennett, Director of Evangelism & Customer Marketing @ Alyce In today’s episode Michelle and Nick talk about how to build your personal and employee brand through LinkedIn. 


Nick unexpectedly began his LinkedIn journey after being given a challenge by his boss. Each employee was instructed to post relevant content on LinkedIn regarding something they were passionate about. Even though many of his co-workers quickly dropped out, Nick stuck with it and posted consistently on a daily basis. For the challenge, Nick chose to dive into the topic of field marketing for two reasons. One, it was his passion, and two, it wasn’t being talked about. His persistence unknowingly opened the doors to several opportunities for Nick to build his personal brand and business that he would have never done otherwise. 


Tune into this week’s episode of The Business of You for a conversation with host Michelle Griffin and special guest Nick Bennett about how to use LinkedIn to build your personal and employee brand. Learn more about how to leverage your passion to become an expert in your field. 



• “I’m going to put out a challenge to my team of just creating and posting content on LinkedIn. Find something that you’re passionate about, and just go for it. And so there was a few of us that actually did it for a couple months. And then people just kind of fell off. And I just kind of stayed with it.” (5:18-5:35)

• “I didn’t have any traction for the first six months, it was literally crickets. I thought maybe I should quit. And then i decided to stick with it because it’s fun.” (5:59-6:08)

• “Once six months hit, all of a sudden, I felt like things flip flopped. I was getting a little bit of engagement and people were starting to see. Then I was starting to get invited to some podcasts and talk about field marketing. And in 2021, it just started to blow up and I never looked back from there.” (6:24-6:48)

• “LinkedIn created all of these amazing things that I would never have thought would have been possible. But if I quit, I would never have realized the full potential.” (6:48-7:05)

• “I would much rather not focus on making a perfect piece of content, but engaging with the community that I’ve built to be able to form relationships. Because in reality, relationships run everything.” (11:25-11:40)

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