June 3


How to Create an Uncopyable Advantage and Build a Micro Community to Grow Your Personal Brand Business with Chris Colt

“Human beings, we crave community. It’s an essential part of our life and our being,” says Chris Colt, The Challenge Champion. Chris says this as he believes that communities we’re in, physically or not, have a big impact on our growth as individuals, and also as professionals. And this is exactly what Chris shares in this episode, why communities are an essential part of our lives, and how we can build a community.

Mike is also a cyclist, and that’s how he realized the importance of a community – when he’s with his community of riders, very strong riders that could offset his weaknesses and vice versa. And from this, he now is helping other professionals and entrepreneurs, like you, build not just an audience, but a community.

Tune into this week’s episode of The Business of You for a conversation with host Michelle Griffin and special guest Chris Colt about what really is a community and how it could help you grow individually and personally, how to build a community with a clear and specific purpose and structure, why he recommends starting with a micro-community with a micro-niche to be referable, and why you should consider moving your community away from a rented land platform, such as LinkedIn.


  •  “Being that vulnerable when you’re in that community is extremely important, and being a community member when somebody can open up to you and share that vulnerability to support them is key.” (2:26-2:35)
  •  “Build a community, not an audience.” (02:37-02:39)
  •  “Here’s the fact, your business ideas can be copied. My business ideas, Michelle’s ideas can be copied, but that community you build around it cannot be copied.” (04:25-04:35)
  •  “The purpose has to be motivating, it has to be fun, it’s got to be an adventure.” (9:15-09:23)
  • “Everybody has a different mission that matters.” (10:56-10:59)
  • “A purpose needs to be very specific. So it’s got to be clearly picture of who you’re going to serve in this community, what will be done together, and what we’ll be mastered together.” (8:53-09:03)

Connect with Chris Colt: 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chriscolt-thechallengechampion/

Website: chriscolt360.com 


Connect with Michelle Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist/Founder, BRANDthority:

  • Website: YourBrandYourBusiness.com 
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michellebgriffin/
  • Get active on LinkedIn: Join The #365 Creators, my community of 1000+ global professionals supporting one another as we create content, connection, and community on LinkedIn. Join us as we ramp up our personal brands, create engaging content, expand our connections, and build meaningful communities on LinkedIn

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