December 6


How to Create and Repurpose Content in Less Time for Your Personal Brand with Mark Savant

Content is the fuel to our personal brands and building trust online, but we should not be endless content machines. The secret to getting more content in less time is by content repurposing.

In this episode, I interview Mark Savant, a digital agency owner, content creator, and podcaster who helps brands make more content in less time.

Learn the importance of better content creation, where to start and tips and tactics to build a content library with repurposing. 


[01:37] Mark’s backstory

[03:17] Top influencers on Mark’s show

[04:26] Importance of making better content

[05:35] Where to start in content creation

[08:34] Best practices in content creation

[10:21] Framing your live streaming to social media for the end-user.

[15:24] Importance of a transcript

[17:01] Shorter form vertical content

[19:57] Audiograms

[20:40] Mistakes of not repurposing your content

[22:47] Three tips for content optimization

[24:22] Professional/personam mantra


● “I think in the next five years if you don’t have an online reputation, you’re not going to matter.” (05:03-05:06)

● “Know who you’re speaking to. What their biggest problem is, how you solve it right, and then you frame all of your messaging.” (07:30-07-33)

● “At the beginning and end of one of your micro clips, make sure you start with a smile. People just like to see a smiling face at the beginning of the end of a video.” (20:18-20:34)

● “Craft all of your content around the viewer. The show is not about you, it’s about the person that’s viewing it and how you solve their problem.” (22:52-23:00)

● “Focus on being a little bit better with each episode.” (23:15-23:18)

● “Just be better than yesterday.” (24:30-24:32)



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