FINALLY!! it's a wrap Today marks 365 days of posting. Here's what I learned...

9 months of posting daily on LinkedIn taught me this...

Crazy, it was 251 days ago I took the plunge.

Here's what I have learned so far...
1) Don't overthink, don't second guess

It's scary to step out, I know. Warm up the "room" by liking, following, and commenting before you start posting. This builds a network to support you.
2) It gets easier each day (not a cliche, it's really true.)

Now, 9 months in, if a post doesn't hit, I don't take it personally. It can be the algorithm, timing, relevance. I keep learning from each post and it gets easier to write and find ideas as well.
3) People first. Posts second

The Law of Reciprocity applies here. Focus on building up people. They will pay you back with support, kindness, and often referrals and opportunities. 
4) Comments are currency

Comment thoughtfully on every. single. post. Even when it takes longer. This is how we build trust, show our personality and increase engagement.
5) Somebody's always watching you...

Most of my leads and clients come from those who read but don't engage. Don't be harsh on lurkers. It's hard to step out online.
6) Fresh content daily

People get bored easily. Focus on a compelling headline/opening sentence. Rotate post formats and your pillar topics but stay in one lane. Sprinkle in some short-form content for those who scan more than they read.
7) Friends are found here

I can't wait to open up my LinkedIn app each morning. This community is supportive, smart, and kind and will prop you up the days you want to quit.
8) Metrics don't always matter

In the last few weeks, we all have taken a hit. Those that stay in it, win it. Aim for leads vs likes.
9) Be relatable and approachable

Show your personal side and watch your engagement grow. You can share your personality and be personable without being too personal.
When you put yourself out there, the opportunities are out there. 


You don't need permission or perfection.
It's never too late.

  What lessons have you learned on LinkedIn this year?

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To all those in the #365challenge, WE DID IT!! It wasn't easy, but it!

Here are 12 lessons learned this year.
(I probably can write 50, but keeping it brief for NYE)

1. Do it scared!
Ignore the inner voice. We're never meant to stay long in our comfort zones.

2. Build a community before you create.
Even before you start posting, get active commenting, reading, engaging with others.

3. Put in the reps. Find your flow.
The more I posted, the more I learned, wrote better, and found clarity and confidence.

4. LinkedIn is NOT a social media platform.
Nope, I realized fast (and wish I knew earlier) It's your community and your university.

5. Give, give, give, and then give more.
You have to give 10x more than you get here, and it pays off.

6. What do I post about??
It's magic: when you get out there consistently the ideas flow. It's nuts, but true!

7. If a post flops, I know these 2 truths.
I don't take it personally and I know more people see it, even if they don't engage with it.

8. It's a long game, not a one-and-done.
First, it takes time to build. And then you have to be doing #2 and #5 and results will follow.

9. Fortune DOES favor creators.
Out of sight, out of mind rings true here. Inbound leads, dream clients, and opportunities are the payoffs.

10. Visibility is NOT vanity. It opens doors & unlocks opportunities.
Get out there as people need to know you so you can help them.

11. People are the REASON.
The community, connections, and friends I've made here are my biggest success story. I can't stress this enough.

12. We all have something to say and share.
Write your original insights, stories and build in public as they say. You'll find your people and payoffs by being you.

And for now, that's a wrap.
I'll move now to 3-5 days and take my weekends off.

To the #365crew, let's hear from you below. We did it!
Are you planning to post regularly in 2022?

How to Create and Repurpose Content in Less Time for Your Personal Brand with Mark Savant

Content is the fuel to our personal brands and building trust online, but we should not be endless content machines. The secret to getting more content in less time is by content repurposing.

In this episode, I interview Mark Savant, a digital agency owner, content creator, and podcaster who helps brands make more content in less time.

Learn the importance of better content creation, where to start and tips and tactics to build a content library with repurposing. 


[01:37] Mark’s backstory

[03:17] Top influencers on Mark’s show

[04:26] Importance of making better content

[05:35] Where to start in content creation

[08:34] Best practices in content creation

[10:21] Framing your live streaming to social media for the end-user.

[15:24] Importance of a transcript

[17:01] Shorter form vertical content

[19:57] Audiograms

[20:40] Mistakes of not repurposing your content

[22:47] Three tips for content optimization

[24:22] Professional/personam mantra


● “I think in the next five years if you don’t have an online reputation, you're not going to matter.” (05:03-05:06)

● “Know who you're speaking to. What their biggest problem is, how you solve it right, and then you frame all of your messaging.” (07:30-07-33)

● “At the beginning and end of one of your micro clips, make sure you start with a smile. People just like to see a smiling face at the beginning of the end of a video.” (20:18-20:34)

● “Craft all of your content around the viewer. The show is not about you, it's about the person that's viewing it and how you solve their problem.” (22:52-23:00)

● “Focus on being a little bit better with each episode.” (23:15-23:18)

● “Just be better than yesterday.” (24:30-24:32)



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● LinkedIn: Mark Savant



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