November 16


How to Create Engaging Content for Personal Branding and Social Selling on LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn content helps you social sell if you structure it write and have a strategy.

I interview Patrik Nagypal, Digital Growth at Shield, to give us insights on how we can get engaging content for personal brands.

What are the key content pillars? What mistakes do people make in content creation? How do you monetize your content, and what’s social selling? Patrik highlights all this and more.


[01:30] Patrik’s role in Shield

[02:25] About Personal Branding

[04:37] Engaging content definition

[06:14] Why do people fear creating content?

[08:32] How to get started

[13:51] Pillar content 

[14:41] Definition of personal pillars and how you get to balance it with your business.

[16:28] Content management

[20:18] Mistakes we should not do on a personal page

[23:22] Social selling

[29:27] Three key takeaways on engaging content and personal branding


● Consistency wins. Some days are going to be better than others, but you learn from each day. (05:55-06:01)

● You’ll get a lot of fast attraction if you’re very specific to one problem. (13:25-13:29)

● “Your content defines your brand.” (18:38-18:40)

● “I think if you focus too much on how many comments, how many likes, how much engagement you received in comparison to focusing on how much networking came out from the content that you created, that’s a mistake. So I think it’s always a good sign to measure the engagement and the performance.” (20:40-20:58)

● “Commenting back on all your posts is so important, but you need to go out of your little area too. Even when you start doing content, you need to still comment on other people. You know, don’t forget people and just do that daily.”(25:23-25:33)


Connect with Patrik Nagypal

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