December 6


How to Crush Imposter Syndrome With Your Personal Brand with CX Consultant Ancuta Boiciuc

Have you been comparing or second-guessing yourself? Someone else has a million views while you are still struggling to gain a thousand views

I interview Ancuta Boiciuc a CX consultant, who’s passionate about mental wellness, being healthy, and well-being online.

Learn how to balance on social media, avoid imposter syndrome and stop comparing yourself.


[02:30] Finding balance online

[03:55] Imposture syndrome

[07:03] Ancuta’s LinkedIn journey

[10:54] Best advice on overcoming imposter syndrome and staying on the game

[15:32] Three takeaways of finding balance when building a brand


● “ We don’t have to compete because we all should find the creative and unique way that we stand out and solve problems for our people.” (13:07-13:13)

● “Control your amount of social media. Okay, social media is Great. It’s a great tool. I mean, I found my voice on social media. I found jobs on social media, I’m not saying it’s good, but it has to be in a balance. What has really helped me is not to start my day with social media. I do not check my phone unless its origin.” (15:42-16:02)

● “If you want to build a brand, you gotta get out there, because no one can know you unless you get out there and no one can support you unless you’re open up.” (24:04-24:10)

● “It’s okay to be human, we’re all human, and we all have our ups and downs.” (23:54-23:58)


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