May 13


How to Develop a Growth Mindset Creating Content and Building Your Personal Brand

“You don’t grow  for the stimuli you’ve already survived, you grow for the circumstances you have yet to encounter.”, emphasizes Mike Phillips, an expert marketer and content creator, and a professional weightlifter. In this episode, Mike talks all about growth mindset and #musclemarketing, and the three layers to achieve and apply growth mindset, not just in marketing or business, but in any aspects of life.

December 2020, during the lockdown, was when it all started for Mike in the marketing and content creating space, and then it just grew rapidly from there. He started by posting content on his LinkedIn feed daily, observed what works and not works, and worked his way to be an expert in growth mindset and marketing from the sales and engineering field of work.

Tune into this week’s episode of The Business of You for a conversation with host Michelle Griffin and special guest Mike Phillips as he details his Three Layers of Growth Mindset Framework, and why marketing isn’t something you do for the present but as an investment for the future.



  • “Trying to grow as individuals, as personal growth or professional growth, I think it’s wise to always look to teachers that do it better than us. Now that could be the creators out there that are absolutely crushing it, but it can also be anything in the world around us. There are plenty of examples in the natural world and in society that engaging with these different types of growth, linear, compound, or exponential growth.” (9:01:32-9:23:83)
  •  “The first thing you want to train is to train yourself to observe these functions of growth in the world around you” (11:45:16-11:51:55)
  •  “So now that’s another aspect of growth. We think about the removal of things that are part of the process to encourage growth and things that do matter.” (12:17:40-12:42:61)
  •  “It’s just that growth has seasons. And that we as individuals will also have times of faster and slower growth, but we are still growing.” (13:09:16-13:17:30)
  • “You can learn more from exploring that realm between perceived safe failure and actual maximum ability.” (25:17:96-25:26:98)
  • “What do we do to embrace a relationship with failure that will help us accelerate a growth?” (27:34:33-27:40:20)
  • “You don’t market yourself for something you need today because marketing is a process that takes time. You market yourself for the opportunities you don’t know you’ll need in the future. You wind up investing and making those deposits in your brand today so that if you do ever need to make a withdrawal, you’ve already had that down the road.” (34:41:32-34:58:31)
  • “You should learn to market yourself so you never have to sell yourself.” (38:26:79-38:29:97)

Growth Mindset Course: “One Year of Growth


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