December 6


How To Dress for Success: Craft a Visual First Impression of Your Personal Brand With Executive Image Consultant Tavia Sharp

“Look sharp, feel sharp.” It’s no secret when we look and feel our best our professional image directly affects our personal brand. 

I interview Tavia Sharp a New York-based image consultant, speaker, coach, style expert, and CEO of Styled Sharp to find the best ways our professional image can boost our confidence, credibility, and connections.

As Tavia explains, you can and should leverage your image as a tool to get promotable and investible in your business and beyond.


[01:44] Importance of a professional image

[04:34] How to get started if you want to make a change to your image.

[06:38] Problems of not addressing your image

[08:01] Mistakes men are making in blending in

[11:00] Style blueprint & personal brand blueprint

[13:18] Three tips that make a fine first impression

[16:27] Tavia’s professional mantra


● “Your professional image is actually currency, and when you ignore it, you might be leaving money on the table.” (1:03-1:09)

● “Dress for what’s next.” (06:13-06:14)

● “ When you actually stand out, opportunities come for you.” (07:28-07:31)

● it’s all about what we put on our bodies. It’s that enclosed cognition. It affects the way we feel we’re going to put that energy out, and we’re going to have great results.” (15:23-15:31)

● “Your vibe attracts your tribe (16;37-16:40)


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