April 15


How to Find Clarity, Confidence and Courage to Launch Your Personal Brand Business Based on Your Passion Expertise With Lisa Richer

“After 20 some years of not finding myself, I learned how to find myself again,” shares Lisa Richer, founder of Journey2Bloom. In today’s episode, Michelle and Lisa talk about the necessary components needed to successfully launch a personal brand business.


After years of struggling to ask for help, Lisa experienced career-ending burnout. Being the matriarch of her family, Lisa always felt obligated to remain strong for her family and friends, no matter how it affected her. It wasn’t until she gave herself the necessary space, that Lisa was able to gain the clarity she needed to make better decisions for herself. By listening to her intuition, Lisa decided to take the leap and change career paths. Today, Lisa has been able to launch a successful personal brand centered around her passion for helping neurodivergent children. 


Tune into this week’s episode of The Business of You for a conversation with host Michelle Griffin and special guest Lisa Richer to learn how to leverage your passion to find clarity, confidence, and courage so you can build the personal brand of your dreams. 



• “I came to realize that your mindset drives your energy. Your energy drives your clarity. And your clarity drives your focus, your progress, and your success.” (2:51-3:03)

• “I burnt out first and then I woke up and realized I have to follow my heart. So when I transitioned into the career coaching, it wasn’t just about the journey for the clients, it was about a journey for me.” (6:09-6:36)

• “Trust your gut and trust your heart. If something is screaming at you, stop and reflect on it, acknowledge it, and then give yourself permission to move through it. Don’t push it away because if you push it away, it’s just going to come back.” (18:05-18:22)

• “My biggest guidance is go as fast or as slow as you feel like you can to get to where you want and deserve to be. Don’t ever think that because you have a really busy job that you can’t take one hour a day to focus on getting clarity because that is the most crucial piece of this.” (33:45-34:21)


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