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How to Focus More and Be More Productive Building Your Personal Brand withG Growth Marketer Florian Decludt

So many people struggle with focus. Today’s endless content and digital distractions make it harder to stay on track. What you need is a focus strategy and plan, and this episode will share exactly how.

 I interview Florian Decludt, a growth marketer and digital course creator, as he shares 3 powerful tips to help you strengthen your focus and achieve your goals. 

We discuss the 3 tips to reset and get focused, how to get more done building your personal brand, and how to balance your personal work and social media usage.


[01:09] What Florian does and how he is helping people focus

[02:16] Why Focus is a huge problem for solopreneurs and personal brands

[03:12] Reasons why people are unfocused in the business world.

[08:54] Steps to changing your mindset and getting focused

[11:18] Practical tip on social media

[14:26] Drawing the balance between your personal work and social media

[17:10] Three key takeaways on focus

[22:44] Florian’s professional mantra


● “Focus is pretty much. The secret sauce is a success, because, if you don’t have focus, you’re not moving forward every day.” (03:33-03:39)

● “ If you have a direction, you have something against which you can evaluate opportunities. Instead of just blindly taking the opportunity and saying that’s interesting. I’ll give it a try.” (09:34-09:43)

● “Whenever your brain has nothing to do, it’s going to default to the least energy-consuming activity possible, and usually that’s ever TV, Netflix, or social media. “ (12:36-12:44)

● “If you don’t know where you want to go, it’s going to be really hard for you to know exactly what you’re supposed to do.” (17:28-17:32)

● “If we’re not one hundred percent clear about what we’re supposed to do, we’re going to go off. We are going to default to the place of energy-consuming activity, which is social media.”(18:00-18:10)

● “Never stop learning.” (22:51-22:52)



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