December 6


How to Go from Unnoticed to Top of Mind In Your Personal Brand with International PR Expert Jim Jones

I interview Jim James, founder of the international public relations agency, East-West PR, and the host of the Unnoticed Podcast. He is all about getting leaders, entrepreneurs, and personal brands noticed with this Active Communication Index.


[01:40] Importance of getting noticed

[03:21] Mistakes people make by not going noticed

[11:24] 3 key takeaways for people wanting to get noticed.

Powerful Quotes

● “The first thing that people look for is the quality and the integrity of the founder because when we’re a start-up, we don’t have all the backing of maybe venture capital, a big brand, or even a history that would reassure potential customers or potential employees or partners to work with them. So the personal brand carries the business for that first, I would say twelve to eighteen months, while the organization is getting established in the marketplace.” (02:05-02:32)

● “Someone who produces consistent, innovative content. Those are the people that everybody goes to.” (09:38-09:45)

● “Content doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does have to be ideally original or interesting, creating content.” (11:53-12:00)

● “The rule of thumb is to be consistent rather than frequent, which is why, in my ACI, when I said at twelve and at six, it’s consistent and inconsistent, it’s not frequent and infrequent, and there’s a key difference there.” (13:25-13:41)


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