December 6


How to Overcome Your Fear of Creating Video Content for Your Personal Brand

So many people fear making and appearing in their own videos. How do I look on camera? I hate my voice! What will I say?

In this episode, I interview Juma Bannister, the co-founder and creative director of Relate Studios on how to overcome our fear of videos and how to be more confident on camera.


[01:51] Juma’s story

[02:46] Why should people be on video?

[04:03] Favorite video format. Live or recorded?

[05:48] 4 tips to overcome your fear of video

[047:25] Not knowing what to say on camera

[08:40] Why people make the choices they make

[15:00] The voice and on-persona camera

[18:24] Tricks on how to look better on camera

[23:15] Is it better to have better audio than lighting

[25:27] Tips on video content creation

[32:34] Three takeaways on being camera confident.

[34:04] Professional/personal mantra



● “My first thing about being constant, conscious, and video is the BAD approach (Be scared and do it.” (09:48-10:00)

● “When it comes to your voice, some of us are never going to get over the sound of our voice. We are never going to get one hundred percent comfortable with the way we sound on camera, but that also goes back to being scared and even though you’re not one comfortable with how you sound. You know what you have to deliver, that it has value and that it will impact people in a particular way.” (15:34-16:00)

● “When people look better, they feel better than they are more, which is true. You know when you put on something good. You look good, you feel better about yourself, and then you’re able to speak and talk and communicate and interact better.”

● “So just start at the best level you can but have good audio.” (25:08-25:11)

● “People do not remember everything, but they don’t forget.”(34:34-34:38)



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