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How to Self-Publish a Book in 90-Days to Boost Your Personal Brand With Best-Seller Publisher Joanne Martin

How do you write a book and self-publish on your own? Publishing a book is a way to one of the best ways to build your brand authority in your niche.

In the second episode on books for personal brands, I interview Joanne Martin, a Sydney-Australia-based book publisher who helps personal brands, thought leaders and entrepreneurs self publish their first book in 90 days.

Joanne has helped numerous books land on best-seller lists and tells me it’s not as hard as you think to get out there. Using your existing content is a key to getting out there fast.

Joanne Martin highlights some great tips on writing a book, formatting, authenticity, book titles, and promotional strategies for self-publish books.

We also discuss how to monetize your book after it’s launched, an important reason a book can lead to lucrative opportunities and visibility.


[01:38] Joanne Martin self-publishing work

[02:27] Where to start in writing a book

[03:54] What a self-publisher does and what to look for

[05:35] Importance of formatting

[06:07] What people overlook while doing self-publishing.

[08:31] Recommendations on Book Title

[11:10] Promotional and marketing for self-publish books

[13:34] How having an audience and community following will help you get that book out there

[15:40] Monetizing a book after it is launched

[17:40] Three key takeaways one should look at when doing self-publishing

[18:54] Professional/personal mantra

Notable Quotes

  • Get a good editor and make sure you have a good design. Do not do that yourself. (05:29-05:33)
  • It is ensuring that you are on task and really speaking to your audience in that area that you are writing in (06:48-06:55)
  • You really need someone else who will be more critical to have a look at it before you publish, and that’s where the editing helps. (08:01-08:08)
  • Be strategic, you don’t want to be spammy, but you are  promoting it in different channels spaces to a different audience (12:24-12:33)
  • People underestimate the power of social media and where that can take you. (14:05-14:08)
  • Trying to copy what someone else has done does not always work.(18:08-18:11)
  • Today is the first day of the rest of your life so just start and make it happen. (18:39-18:42)


NOTE: Check out the sister episode on how to write your book in 90-days with book writing coach Diego Pineda.



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