How to Start a Podcast for Your Personal Brand Business with Ash Borland


“Personal brands should have podcasts because it’s one of the easiest ways to grow your brand,” explains Ash Borland, Podcaster, Content Creator, and Consultant. In today’s episode, Ash discusses the steps required to start a podcast for your personal brand business. 


Now is the perfect time to get into podcasting. It is a rapidly growing medium that can help you to become an authority in your industry, grow your network, and build your business. Before starting your podcast, nail down your concept and format. Don’t worry about equipment right away, but instead focus on your goal for your show and what you want to gain from your intended audience. Once you’ve settled on a concept and format, then build up a batch of episodes so that you can maintain consistency even when life throws you a curveball. 


Tune into this week’s episode of The Business of You for a conversation with host Michelle Griffin and special guest Ash Borland about the best steps to take when starting a podcast for your personal brand business.  



• “Personal brands should have podcasts because it’s one of the easiest ways to grow your brand, grow your network. It’s got the least friction. It’s got the least amount of saturation.” (9:05-9:17) 

• “The very first thing that podcasters should do is look at their format and their concept. The concept is the idea. What do you actually want to do? What is the goal of this show?” (15:38-16:05)

• “If you’re gonna do it, batch 5 to 8 weeks before you launch. A little bit of extra time up front will save you a world of time later on. Just be smart with your time.” (37:15-38:00)

• “Make sure that you have enough runway to be able to if busy life comes up or you get sick or something happens. The consistency is very important. If you drop out or you go away for a month, bear in mind that podcasts are, we’re habitual creatures. If your show doesn’t turn up that week, they’ll go and look for another show and if that show is better than yours, they won’t come back.” (39:21-40:06) 

• “It only comes by you actually going after it and doing it.” (45:12-45:16)


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