How to Turn Content Into Genuine Leads with Richard Moore


“Being able to craft content so it resonates with people and the frustrations they have is actually the starting point,” shares Richard Moore, sales expert with over 18 years of experience and Founder of LinkedIn Client Accelerator. In today’s episode, Richard discusses how to create content that doesn’t feel like a sales pitch to generate leads. 


Nowadays, people are hyper aware of when they are being sold to. If you design content that feels too much like an ad, people will just scroll past it. Richard shares tips for creating LinkedIn content that turns into genuine leads such as building community through engagement, and adding gentle, low-pressure call to action to posts.


Tune into this week’s episode of The Business of You for a conversation with host Michelle Griffin and special guest Richard Moore on how to generate leads on LinkedIn without coming across like a salesperson. 



• “Being able to craft content so it resonates with people and the frustrations they have is actually the start point. What we really need to be able to do is not just stop a crowd of people and make them read, but make them rethink.” (5:19-5:31)

• “Leads aren’t people who show up, who I then chase. Leads are people who step forward because they feel like there’s something there that might change something in their world and they’re self-selecting.” (7:48-8:01)

• “To start conversations to be helpful and hope that in time, people just think fondly of you enough that they will end up setting themselves. Yes, you will close deals, but how can you predict when the next one is? And those people will get one. Six weeks later, they might get another one possibly. And they can’t decide that they’re going to generate leads.” (12:32-13:00) “You’re always competing with the option of just ignore it and move on.” (15:09-15:14)

• “My advice to the audience here is to ask yourself, are you genuinely using real empathy and real awareness now? Is your language reflecting your agenda more than theirs?” (20:30-20:52) 


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