March 11


How to Understand the Human Algorithm with Joshua B. Lee

“If we could truly understand that the human algorithm, the one algorithm that really matters, is something that doesn’t change,” explains Joshua B. Lee, founder of StandOut Authority. In today’s episode, Joshua shares how to humanize the LinkedIn experience for more authentic engagement. 


All businesses are run by people. When we remove the human component from marketing, we end up less successful. All people are the same in that we have been conditioned to seek out dopamine from engagement. By understanding the human algorithm, we can bypass the platform algorithms and receive authentic engagement.


Tune into this week’s episode of The Business of You for a conversation with host Michelle Griffin and special guest Joshua B. Lee about how to humanize your interactions on LinkedIn to enhance your marketing strategy. 



• “The biggest thing that I learned was there is a huge difference between traffic and actually true engagement.” (4:09-4:14)

• “I don’t care who you are, we’ve all been conditioned to look for one thing above all else when you post online. We all look for those little hits of dopamine we get when someone likes or comments on our post.” (16:46-17:05)

• “Conversations turn into relationships. Relationships turn into opportunity.” (18:04-18:07) 

• “Businesses are run by another human being. Most marketers have just forgotten that. And if you have a way to be able to connect, no matter how it is, there’s a way to be able to do it.” (27:44-27:59)

• “And we’re all human and it’s okay. Don’t be scared to post, put something out there and just allow yourself to shine.” (27:59-28:05)

• “Engage with people that engage with you. Don’t miss that opportunity. It starts with your personal brand. If you do not have your personal profile rocked out, that needs to shine. It needs to be a career journey. Tell that journey, tell that story, because there are ways to be able to communicate and connect with people.” (28:49-29:25) 

• “Be 100% you 100% of the time on and offline.” (32:31-32:34)


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