“To me, social selling is a way that you can network, position yourself as an expert, and actually enjoy the process of selling,” explains Dan Mott, a LinkedIn Social Selling Strategist. Dan started his business to prove to entrepreneurs that selling doesn’t have to be a painful part of running a company. With his extensive knowledge of LinkedIn, Dan teaches people a sales process that they can feel good about and actually enjoy. 

Many entrepreneurs hold themselves back during the sales process out of fear of seeming sleazy to potential clients. However, Dan understands that if you actively listen to the needs and wants of your customer base, you will be able to attract the leads you want. By having a genuine conversation with others, you can increase your sales in a strategically non-salesy way.

Tune into this week’s episode of The Business of You for a helpful conversation about social selling. Learn more about the difference between outbound and inbound sales, the importance of understanding your customer base, and how to nurture your network to create results.


• “Social selling to me is a way that you can connect with people, network, position yourself as an expert, and actually enjoy the process of selling.” (2:49 – 2:59)

• “​​Knowing what your customer base cares about, or what will drive them to make a purchase, is critical to increasing those conversions and moving people from followers to leads, from leads to phone conversations, and from phone conversations into paying customers.” (9:13 – 9:33)

• “I actually track my lead metrics, which I highly recommend everyone do. Because when you know where the bulk of your leads are coming from, you stop wasting your time on efforts that don’t convert.” (30:59 – 31:12)

• “Selling doesn’t have to suck. Get rid of the notion that sales is this icky thing that you have to do. Don’t even call it sales. Call it networking. Just go out, build relationships, and start conversations.” (37:48 – 38:01)

• “The most important thing is you need to have fun. You need to enjoy the sales process because if you don’t, you will fail.” (38:51 – 38:56)

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