December 6


How to Use Storytelling to Attract More Attention to Your Personal Brand With Storytelling Consultant Ash Rathod

Let me tell you a story — When we hear these words, we always pay attention That’s because as humans, we’re wired for stories. But how do we create stories for online content? business, 

In this episode, I interview Ash Rathod, a UK-based digital agency owner and storytelling consultant who helps solopreneurs tell stories that connect and convert their readers.

Learn the importance of storytelling, how to set up engaging social media posts, and the best strategies for shortening a story.


[01:26] Ash Rathod’s story

[09:41] Importance of storytelling

[11:34] How to start in storytelling

[15:51] How to set up a social media post, blog, and video

[17:17] Ash’s Six P story framework

[20:03] Ideas on content writing

[21:00] Best advice for an opening line

[24:04] Best strategies for shortening up a story


● “Storytelling is the core of human connection.” (09:48-09:50)

● “A story is about transformation. It could be the transformation of a character in your story that has a desire to achieve something, whether that’s a physical thing or a mental thing or an emotional thing.” (12:09-12:27)

● “When you write something that puts you in a superior state. People are less likely to resonate with you. (22:30-22:37)

● “Once you activate empathy as a home me, that’s when strong stories become a lot stronger, and that’s when you start building trust, that’s ideal for personal branding.” (23:06-23:12)


Connect with Ash Rathod

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