December 28


How to Write a Book in 90 Days to Boost Your Personal Brand With Book Writing Coach Diego Pineda

Ever dreamed about writing a book to share your expertise and/or build your personal and professional brand? It’s not as hard as you think!

This episode will teach you mindset, strategies and practical tips to do just that. I interview Diego Pineda, a content marketing manager and a book coach to show us exactly how to write your first book in 90 days, plus learn why self-publishing is important.

NOTE: Check out the sister episode on how to self-publish your book in 90-Days

Diego helps solopreneurs, coaches, and consultants write their first book fast to become thought leaders in their industries, gain authority and visibility, and make more money. He highlights how you can write a book to build a personal brand for your businesses and some mistakes people make.


[01:38] Diego’s background

[03:12] Where to start in writing a book and promoting your business

[05:31] Writing the book

[10:00] About Diego’s book

[12:10] Mistakes people should lookout for a while writing a book

[15;00] Writing a book within 90 days

[16:14] Self-publishing

[19:20] Professional/personal mantra


● “You want to align your business goals with the topic of your book.” (03:33-03:36)

● “Don’t write and edit at the same time.(11:14-11:18)

● “ If you are going to use your book as a marketing tool for your business and you want to get out there, do self-publishing. (16:14-17:53)

● “Moving fast and doing great things is the innovation mindset.” (20:15-20:21)



●  Diego Pineda

●  Diego’s new book, Solo Thought Leader:

● Diego’s LinkedIn profile: Diego Pineda

● Diego’s book writing course:


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