December 6


How to Write Better Content on LinkedIn Using the CLARITY Method with Merav Levine

What’s the secret to writing engaging content on LinkedIn? What’s the best approach to sharing your authentic voice in your posts? 

This might be the number one struggle on LinkedIn for new content creators.

I interviewed Merav Levine, a social media marketing consultant who shares tips on writing content using her CLARITY Method on LinkedIn.


● [01:58] Merav Levine’s story

● [04:30] Where do you start?

● [09:33] The CLARITY method

● [17:18] Great insights on what keeps you out of content.

● [21:47] Avoiding being “Captain Obvious”

● [25:35] Takeaways in engagement and writing


● “Find the balance of presenting yourself. Well, yes, being authentic and not pretending to be something you’re, not because at the end of the day, that is going to implode on you.” (08:26-08:34)

● “When I talk about clarity, it’s knowing who you would market to, who you’re marketing to, and how they would describe the issues that you bring up.” (10:01-10:07)

● “Every single post has an actionable takeaway, so something that somebody could walk away from the computer being like. I am going to try that today .” (20:27-20:36)

● “Every post must have a call to action.” (25-48-25:50)

● “If we let our emotions take over. Yes, we won’t do half the things we know we should be doing and just knowing that it’s going to hurt and we’re going to be scared, but you are capable of facing it.” (30:26-30:37)


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