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How to Write Better Emails for Your Personal Brand with Conversational Copywriter Erin Geiger

Are you interested in building your personal brand using email marketing? Knowing how to write your emails to be more conversational and connect with people is critical.

I interview Erin Geiger, the “conversational copywriter,” founder of Muscle Creative, and host of the Small Business Big Mindset podcast.

Erin highlights some of the successful strategies in email marketing. How do you structure your content and develop the best subject lines?


[01:31] Erin Gieger’s story

[03:44] Importance of email marketing for personal brands

[10:24] Best practices in email marketing

[16:21] Strategies for preview text

[19:06] Content structure

[23:41] Email length

[26:08] How to keep every email fresh

[28:53] Three key takeaways for personal brands


● “ An unexpected subject line can catch a reader off guard, but in a good way. The critical component to remember here is that it should come off as organic. It’s not just for shock and to get them in. This could be something from a personal experience, a professional situation, even a dream, a distant memory. This can stop your reader and their tracks and elevate your email above the other’s spam box.” (11:55-12:19)

● “Most of the time, the subject line appeals to your heart, more than your head.” (15:06-15:09)

● “Getting people to reply to your emails. It’s not only great for your engagement, but it also signals the spam box to give your email a go. Greenlight it’s good. It’s legit because the engagement factor tells them that people like your email. So it keeps you out of the spam folder.” (21:44-21:59)

● “The key to writing engaging subject lines is really to talk to your audience.” (22:44-22:48)

● “If you are in it and doing the work, what other people say doesn’t matter.” (30:53-30:57)

● “Don’t live a small life, don’t play small if you are not helping anybody out.” (312:13-31:18)


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