December 6


How Your LinkedIn Company Page Can Double Reach and Revenue for Your Personal Brand with Global Pages Expert Michelle J. Raymond (Part 2)

Question: Why do you need both a LinkedIn company page and a personal brand? Easy Answer: It will double your opportunity and revenue!
I interview Australian-based, Michelle J. Raymond, Chief Social Strategist of Good trading Co and THE globally recognized LinkedIn company page expert to tell us exactly how.

Michelle highlights the importance of having a company page, how to get started, and making resonating content.


[02:32] Michelle J. Raymond’s story

[02:47] Why do you need both a company page and personal branding

[11:32] Ad revenue for companies

[12:23] Good starting point for company pages

[16:41] Good content and how you can make the most out of your company page.

[23:56] Making resonating content

[26:52] Mistakes while creating a company page


● “The absence of information is a brand as well.” (21:18-21:21)

● “Keep it small, keep it niche and keep talking to that real targeted audience.” (20:43-20:47)

● “Just be you and so being personal photos of employees, photos of yourself doing stuff behind this. That’s the great way to get things.” (29:43-29:54)



Connect with Michelle J. Raymond

● LinkedIn: Michelle J. Raymond

● Website: Good Trading Co.

● LinkedIn Company Page –



Connect with Michelle Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist/Founder, BRANDthority:

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