December 6


Learn How to Take Control of Your Personal Brand Image and Be a Power-Player In Your Space With Marlana Semenza

Your digital images are often your first impression online. How exactly do you balance looking professional and personable to better connect and engage with your audience?

In this episode, I interview Marlana Semenza, a visual strategist and personal branding photographer, who tells us exactly how. 

Learn how to command attention with your brand visuals and personal branding photography plus common image mistakes we make online.


[02:49] Getting started in brand photography

[06:25] Best strategies for location and shot lists in brand photography

[08:10] Avoiding miscommunication in brand photography

[11:12] How do you work with your clients to have their images work online?

[13:31] Positioning photos to look realistic and not staged photos

[15:37] Creative poses and scenes

[17:40] Common mistakes in brand photography


● “Your personal brand is never about you. It’s about who you can help, how you can help them & how you can serve them.” (02:09-02:13)

● “Don’t ever assume that, just because somebody is a photographer, they can do everything you want somebody that specializes in this you know don’t hire a wedding photographer to shoot your interiors. Don’t hire an interior photographer to shoot your wedding. People are specialized for a reason. (08:21-08:34)

● “Just like your story is fluid. Your images should be fluid.” (12:40-12:42)

● “Everybody deserves to be seen for the best of who they really are and shown in a unique way.” (24:22-24:25)

● “Ask if you already have no, and I think if you use it in whatever situation you already have no. So what’s the worst that happens?” (24:37-34:47)


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