December 6


LinkedIn Learning: How to Write Better Content and Grow Your Community as You Build Your Personal Brand

Connection, community, and content. These are the strong foundations you need to succeed on LinkedIn.

I interview Tara Horstmeyer, a content creator and Founder of Happy Words, on how to best create and use content to build relationships with your audience on LinkedIn

How do you initiate a conversation and write relationally? Tara highlights some tactical and relational writing tips to build your personal brand on LinkedIn.


[01:17] Tara’s backstory

[03:21] How to get started

[10:40] How did you attract such a wide fanbase from people

[12:43] What triggered Tara’s journey to entrepreneurship

[14:18] Tactical tips to relational writing

[17:41] Relational connecting

[19:36] Tips to being more relationship-driven on LinkedIn

[22:58] The key takeaways on writing relationally

[26:30] Professional/personal mantra


  • “It’s not that your content is bad, it’s just maybe not hitten, but at some point, even if we impact one person, that’s how that’s all it takes one time.” (10:11-10:18)
  • “To connect with people, go where they are if you want to write more relational. (15:24-15:34)
  • “So start to unpack your own content, and then, when you do, I think you’re going to start to connect with yourself, which is the number one way to connect with others.” (16:57-17:04)
  • “Make sure that you are writing daily, like creating something daily, even if you do not post daily. So I always say right. I right privately before you write publicly.” (24:13-24:19)


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