Personal Brand Plan™ At a Glance


How You Uniquely Stand Out


PERSPECTIVE: Discover who you are and what lights you up with purpose and alignment

Internal clarity comes from knowing who you are and what you want to be known based on your core beliefs, values, goals, personality, expertise, and mission. This phase is the foundation and most in-depth phase for self-identity and self-awareness to bring you clarity and confidence knowing you are comfortable showing up as the genuine you.

• Uncover your identity with your vision aligned with your business goals

• Work on mindset, beliefs, and confidence
 as a founder

• Clarify your purpose, mission, vision, values

• Identify your core strengths and beliefs

• Capture your brand/founder story


PEOPLE:  Identify your ideal audience and get clear on their interests and needs

External clarity is about knowing your people — your audience persona and their needs and power partners to support and grow your visibility and reach. This phase will help you attract the avatar/audience you’re meant to serve as well as identify ancillary "power partners" to build your network, relationships, and community around your mission.

• Clarify your avatar and their needs

• Define their pain points/challenges/needs

• Define your niche/sub-niche

• Do a competitor analysis

• Identify industry leaders and partners

• Define your partner/community goals


POSITION: Find your unique differentiation and become the "known-as"

To stand out you can't blend in. Professional clarity differentiates you into a "category of one" to uniquely and confidently stand out as the go-to in your industry. 

• Define the problem you solve

• Define your positioning/opportunity gaps

• Identify your brand archetype

• Define your brand tone and voice

• Develop your brand promise and message

• Develop your personal brand statement


How You Uniquely Show Up


PACKAGE: Create your assets and  LinkedIn branding to showcase your authority.

Your brand needs to be showcased on your own platform and online profiles. The packaging phase is important to clearly communicate your personal brand both online and offline.

• Set your brand colors and visual

• Optimize your LinkedIn profile, banner, headline and authority areas

• Map your customer journey

• Sketch out a wireframe of your home page 

• Identify signature branded frameworks

• Sketch out your signature offers/pricing

• Identify your branded marketing collateral

(Note: Depending on your needs, graphics, visuals, logos, website design, hosting, done for you full website copywriting, landing, sales and services pages copywriting and copy/additional content writing are additional add-ons. With my consultancy I have a team of well-qualified experts at all price points to assist you.)


PUBLISH:  Share thought leadership online to showcase your expertise.

Content is the fuel to your personal brand. Your core content impact areas will share and showcase your expertise to align with your "known as" brand positioning. 

• Identify your content themes

• Identify your secondary publishing platform

• Discuss best content formats and schedule

• Create a content bank of ideas/avatar needs

• Review LinkedIn content best practices

• Develop your content multiplying framework


How You Uniquely Amplify and Grow


PROMOTE: Amplify your message with podcasts, paid speaking, partnerships and PR.

Identify a clear path to amplify your personal brand online with shared, owned and earned media. This phase works on targeted areas to garner additional visibility on social, podcasts, speaking, media, partnerships, and collaborations.

•  Optimize your brand bio, 3 lengths

•  Outline your media one-sheet needs

•  Outline topics/themes + descriptions for podcasts/speaking

•  Identify story ideas for media mentions/partner collaborations

•  Outline your podcast pitch template 


PROPEL: Set your next-level brand opportunities with your Personal Brand Plan™ Roadmap

Grow with your custom brand strategy, messaging, insights, tools in your custom Personal Brand Plan™ Book to refer and review your progress, make pivots as needed with clarity, confidence and credibility to explore new ventures, taking bolder steps, and saying yes to bigger goals to build trust and land greater opportunities.

• Review and outline social proof growth assets

• Set up data/metrics and analytics measurements

• Outline new collateral and conversion assets

• Define community/brand ambassadors

• Set growth goals and KPIs for the next stages
 to propel your brand for your goals and timelines.

Michelle B. Griffin, The Brand Therapist

You're ready to take your brand and business places, exceed your goals and build your future with your customized plan. Your Personal Brand Plan™ is an editable brand guide that includes all our branding, messaging, marketing, and visibility assets in one expandable and reusable resource.