January 14


Personal Brand Coaching: The 7 Steps You Need to Strategically Stand Out and Build Authority with Michelle Griffin

It’s been said the future belongs to those who build their professional presence online. Yet…that’s easier said than done, right?

In this solo coaching episode, I share my 7 personal branding steps you need to stand out with your professional brand from my Visible Brand Authority Blueprint. 

This overview shows you exactly what you should be looking for if you want to start building your professional brand.


[00:21] The Visible Brand Authority Blueprint

[01:34] #1 Your Perspective

[02:27] #2 The people

[03:47] #3 Your Position

[04:54] #4 Packaging

[09:01] #5 Publish

[13:29] #6 Promote

[16:09] #7 Propel


● We all want to stand out and stand for something. And having a perspective in a point of view really helps define you as a professional and an entrepreneur.

● We can’t grow our brands alone. We’re to serve but also build rapport, community, and connection with like-minded people.

● No matter what, there might be thousands of people who do what you do. But when you are defined and positioned in your unique way, you find a way to stand out.

● Trust is the ultimate currency to build a brand, business, and stay online.

● The more you do it consistently and stay in the game, the easier it becomes the more clarity and confidence you get, and ideas just floor.

● When you know exactly how you are going to help the audience that you are serving, you have clarity.










Michelle Griffin’s Visible Brand Authority Blueprint®

1. PERSPECTIVE: Get clarity in your beliefs, values, goals, expertise, back story and personal & professional mission and vision.


2. PEOPLE: Define your exact audience (persona) and their needs & build a community (partners) to support and amplify your awareness & reach.



3. POSITION: Differentiate yourself with the problem you solve and the promise you make with your brand story and into client-facing messaging.


4. PACKAGE: Set up your platform, profiles, processes, framework, offers, assets and channels to start building relationships and selling your services.



5. PUBLISH: Develop a strategic content system, schedule and pillars to build visibility, credibility, and authority in your niche/industry.


6. PROMOTE:  Succeed and scale with the transformative results you bring others which accelerates your trust, community, and growth.


7: PROPEL: Succeed and scale by paying it forward and showcasing results to accelerate your reach, visibility, opportunities and trust.



Connect with Michelle Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist/Founder, BRANDthority:

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