December 6


Personal Branding for Corporate and Professional Women: How to Be Seen & Be Heard

It’s no longer hard work and talent that keeps us top of mind.
For corporate women, being highly visible is directly tied to better opportunities and career advancement.
I interview Mel Stanley personal brand and career strategist for women and founder of the UK-based, First Women, which empowers women in corporate and leadership roles to articulate their unique strengths and qualities.


[01:46] Mel Stanley’s story

[05:24] Roadblocks women have in a corporate setting

[08:59] Changing your mindset

[10:46] Mel’s strategy in shifting and getting women out there

[12:39] How do you capture opportunities to get noticed?

[16:10] Tactical ways for women to put themselves out there and build their brand

[23:25] Three key takeaways for women aspiring to get themselves out there


● “The decision-making unit for your career is not just who you work for, being able to be seen by the other people beyond your immediate superior is absolutely key.” (12:27-12:38)

● “As long as your name is associated with the positive and the right thing, then that just builds your reputation, and that’s what branding is all about, at the end of the day is reputation. “(13:13-13:21)

● “That’s why you want a personal brand, because you may change your mind if that brand stays with you, no matter what it is, you define it, differentiate it, develop it! (14:52-15:03)

● “Hard work and competing won’t get you success. You need to be visible as well.”(23:36-23:41)


Connect with Mel Stanley

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