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Guiding established women consultants and coaches to attract the *right* clients, land industry opportunities and scale up with a personalized brand clarity & visibility roadmap

Michelle Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist

It's time to scale up to become the go-to in your field


>You're an established female service-based consultant/coach
>You launched your business and found results, but now things feel disjointed
>You want to attract the right clients and charge more with packaged offerings
>You struggle to clearly brand, market become recognized online
>You're here to make an impact -- help your clients achieve results with a change-maker mindset

You deserve a clear message and standout brand that showcases your expertise and authority

As a leader in your field and an expert at what you do, more people need to know about it. You shouldn't be held back or figure this out alone. 

Let's Amplify Your Brand

The key to standing out and scaling in your space is to establish your brand positioning, build authority and grow your industry visibility. It's how you garner greater attention, build trust and find the right clients and bigger opportunities at your door.


become recognized & differentiated

Your foundational brand starts with clarifying & positioning your expertise.


attract & land perfect-fit clients 

Your brand message builds connections that turn into growth opportunities.


grow your opportunities & bottom line

A visible online presence amplifies your trust,  authority and impact.

You Have Brilliance To Share, Let's Get You Out There in a Much Bigger Way!

Hi, I'm Michelle and I'm know this: you're brilliant at what you do and more of the right people should know about it.

You’ve launched your business and worked hard, serving clients and seeing success. But now, it’s time for more — more of the right clients, lucrative industry opportunities and a wider reach and revenue doing what you love and do best, all while working less.

Using my two decades in marketing and PR, and now as a personal brand strategist and visibility coach for established female consultants and coaches, my mission it to help high-impact women like you stand out in your field.

My signature 7-step roadmap will amplify your personal brand to gain the authority, visibility, and profitability you deserve and stand out and grow in a much bigger and more fulfilled way.

Ready to build your personal brand authority? Book a call today and let's chat about your next steps.

 I engage two decades experience in marketing and PR to amplify your personal brand with clarity, authority and visibility.

Michelle Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist
AWAI Verified Copywriter
Michelle Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist

Hootsuite Social Marketing

My 7-step roadmap is a proven system to clarify, position and showcase your unique expertise into a standout & profitable personal brand

1. PERSPECTIVE: Get clarity in your beliefs, values, goals, expertise, back story and personal & professional mission and vision.

2. PEOPLEDefine your exact audience (persona) and their needs & build a community (partners) to support and amplify your awareness & reach.

3. POSITION: Differentiate yourself with the problem you solve and the promise you make with your brand story and into client-facing messaging.

4. PACKAGE: Set up your platform, profiles, processes, framework, offers, assets

and channels to start building relationships and selling your services.

5. PUBLISH: Develop a strategic content system, schedule and pillars to build visibility, credibility, and authority in your niche/industry.

6. PROMOTE: Amplify your brand with authority assets, building partnerships, collaborations, and media mentions.

7: PROPEL: Succeed and scale by paying it forward and showcasing results to accelerate your reach, visibility, opportunities and trust.


 Brand + Messaging + Visibility Coaching & Online Programs

 When it's time to find get unstuck and scale with a visible path, my programs offer a strategic sounding board and proven roadmap to amplify your personal brand.

Brand Intensives

Need to get unstuck fast? My 90-minute clarity sessions give you the breakthrough and actionable feedback you need for your most pressing roadblocks.

Digital Course

(Coming Summer 2022) An online course on my 7 steps of building your standout personal brand in an easy to learn format to get you out there fast.

Group Cohort

(Coming Summer 2022)  A group program and community of peers learning, networking and growing together to build their standout personal brands.

VIP Coaching

The my high-touch signature 8-week coaching program is personalized support to discover, define, differentiate and develop your standout personal brand.

Client Results

Michelle Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist



Michelle's unique and collaborative approach led me to the clarity, confidence and courage I needed to put myself out there!

Michelle was instrumental in helping me create a clear and concise message to share with the audience I wish to educate and service through my business Journey2bloom. I had so much information ~ written and in my mind ~ yet could not find a way to clearly articulate, package and present the message in a simple way that resonated with others. Michelle offered me the space, support and expertise to bring it all together. I am forever grateful for her patience and support. If you're shifting from corporate to solopreneur I strongly encourage you to connect with Michelle! I promise you it will be well worth your investment!

Michelle Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist

SHERMALYN Sidonie-John,



Michelle helped niche and position me for greater authority on LinkedIn.

As somebody who comes from branding and marketing, it's hard to know everything that you need to, but Michelle was able to expertly guide me. Our deep dive sessions taught me so much and I'm just so immensely grateful for her insights and collaboration.

Michelle Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist



Michelle takes a fresh, energetic approach to personal branding!

Michelle takes a fresh, energetic approach to personal branding! I first worked with Michelle to bring clarity to my own brand. I loved her approach and expertise so much that I've invited her as a guest speaker (twice!) in my community of marketers. The advice she shares is easy to understand, highly actionable, and based on her own personal experience. I love that she's not sharing theory or something she read about, but tactics and tips that she's implemented and tested herself. I'd highly recommend Michelle as your next guest speaker!

Michelle Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist


Michelle is an expert when it comes to personal branding.

After contacting 25 LinkedIn coaches and was fooled by a few, I found her and have been working with her for a few months now. She's helped me bring my uniqueness out and has honored my true self. I wanted to find an expert and she was completely worth the wait!

Michelle Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist


Michelle helped move the needle for our community members

Michelle presents insightful information with actionable ideas provided in an engaging and easy way. Our mastermind attendees were small business owners from EU and from US and Michelle's presentation about personal branding on LinkedIn was spot-on. Our community members left the meeting energized and we got a lot of great feedback. 

Dawn Mazur

She'll help you fine-tune your messaging.

If you're stuck or need coaching to get a crystal clear message, Michelle is the person to tap into for brand clarity and positioning. She was instrumental in teaching our students how to niche and position themselves in their industry


She has become my go-to for all things personal branding.

Michelle is super generous with offering her assistance to support you to grow. Absolutely recommend you reach out and see how this superstar can develop a strategy to build your personal brand. She is someone that walks the talk.


Her stuff gets PUBLISHED! :)

Last year was a tough one with COVID-19 having a huge impact on events. With Michelle's public relations and marketing advice, we were able to register more people than ever before from across the United States. We received much publication and so many ideas/strategies to use to promote the event and encourage attendance. She's a great brainstormer and an excellent press release writer. 


She crafted a message that immediately got results.

Marketing has always been a challenge for me. I love what I do but promoting myself felt laborious. Michelle helped me hone an impactful marketing framework as well as designed an elegant website that immediately got more views and clicks.


She has a vast knowledge of marketing and copywriting.

Michelle's expertise is immediately evident in her ability to quickly evaluate your needs and create solutions through a manageable process. She is unmatched in skill level, approachability, and commitment to helping you succeed!

3 Steps to Getting Clarity to Stand Out in Your Space

1. Determine Your Vision: Let’s chat about your short and long-term growth goals.

2. Develop Your Clear Roadmap: Get a plan to streamline your branding, messaging & visibility.

3. Delight In Your Success: Enjoy amplified visibility, authority, impact and sales.

The Business of You Personal Branding Podcast

If you’re ready to step out and stand out in your industry, this show teaches you how to get noticed, get known, and get results as you build your future doing what love showing up as the brand and business of you.

Each week, be inspired by actionable tips, inspiring stories, and exclusive coaching from your host, brand and marketing & visibility strategist, Michelle Griffin, on the latest in B2B personal branding and LinkedIn authority marketing for women subject-matter experts.

Get LinkedIn Visible: Insights on Personal Branding, Content Creation and LinkedIn Marketing 

Here I share actionable advice and my best tools, tips and tested strategies on personal branding and LinkedIn marketing and how-to advice to put yourself out there.

Michelle Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist

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Michelle Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist