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The Brand Therapist℠ Podcast is for solo expert entrepreneurs who need help launching and growing their personal brands. Each week, get actionable (and no fluff) support to untangle your roadblocks, communicate your value, crush imposter syndrome, and amplify your message to fast-track you to success.

Learn bite-size personal branding, marketing, and PR tips from my signature, Brand GPS™ branding system and my book, The LinkedIn Branding Book, so you can enjoy more opportunities, income, and fulfillment by doing what you love and what you're meant to do. 

You'll leave each "personal branding therapy" session feeling confident as you clarify your brand, build your authority, and capture more attention to stand out and grow with a personal brand that takes you places.™

Michelle B Griffin, The Brand Therapist, Personal Branding Consultant, Coach and Speaker

Show Topics

Guests episodes are geared to newly established solo experts (consultant, coach, creator, speaker, author) to overcome a challenge, pain point, or achieve something related to personal branding, marketing, and publicizing their expertise business. Other episodes include solo coaching, takeaways and actionable tips from my work as The Brand Therapist℠ and my signature Brand GPS™ framework.

Guest Information


The podcast is shared on all major podcasting platforms and on my personal and business social accounts, plus featured in-depth on my website as well as on video format on YouTube.


The final podcast length is 30 minutes or less. To keep us on track, we’ll discuss your expertise topic and I’ll ask conversational style questions (see below) to keep us on track.


The interviews are up to 30 minutes. Please block out 60 minutes to allow for pre and post-show time. You will receive a recording link beforehand via StreamYard. Please log on early to ensure our internet connection is strong. 


We will be taping on video, so please be camera-ready with a good microphone, professional lighting, a headset, and a quiet place to record. Please silence your phone, fan, external noise, and notifications for the best sound quality.


We’ll chat for a few then dive into the 30 minute conversational style recording. After I stop the recording button we’ll do a casual short wrap-up.


Promotion is everything in content creation. We’ll send over graphics and assets to share and would appreciate it if you could too. 


Promotion is everything in content creation. We’ll send over graphics and assets to share to your audience and on social accounts.


Your review/rating for the show a helps more of our audience find us (and you!) Together we can build our personal brands and communities.

Interview Information

Episodes are conversational and fun with actionable and achievable advice for the audience. I’m all about being personable so think of this as us chatting over coffee. The conversation will flow and be organic but here are a few questions I’ll ask to keep us on track. Your story, business information, and all your contact information will be detailed in the show notes, so we’ll get right into the episode.


Intro, what you do, whom do you help and how are you different

Why is “the subject/topic you’re discussing important?

How do you start “subject” -- first steps, best practices to get started?

What are common mistakes of “subject”?

What are your 3 top tips for “subject”?

What’s your favorite saying or (personal or professional) mantra to share?

Michelle B Griffin, The Brand Therapist, Personal Branding Consultant, Coach and Speaker

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