Get Noticed. Get Known. Get Results with The Business of You Podcast

Learn how to get noticed, get known, and get results as you master your reputation and build your future showing up as the brand and business of you 

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If you’re ready to step out and stand out in your industry, this show teaches you how to get noticed, get known, and get results as you build your future doing what love showing up as the brand and business of you.

Each week, be inspired by actionable tips, inspiring stories, and exclusive coaching from your host, brand, marketing & visibility strategist, Michelle Griffin, on the latest in personal branding and LinkedIn marketing for women subject-matter experts.

When to Know it’s Time to Niche and Pivot Your Personal Brand + Show Announcement with Michelle Griffin

How do you find or know when you’ve found your niche? It’s the same for both your brand, business and even a podcast. This new solo is all about your niche positioning and how it can help your brand, when it’s time to do deeper or make a shift.  Michelle shares her own experience of how she learned and realized it was time to niche down, the hard way. And also shares a show announcement of what’s to come.   Quotes:  “You are going to put yourself out there and you should.” (2:29-2:32)  “Build a community, not an audience.” .....


How to Create an Uncopyable Advantage and Build a Micro Community to Grow Your Personal Brand Business with Chris Colt

“Human beings, we crave community. It’s an essential part of our life and our being,” says Chris Colt, The Challenge Champion. Chris says this as he believes that communities we’re in, physically or not, have a big impact on our growth as individuals, and also as professionals. And this is exactly what Chris shares in this episode, why communities are an essential part of our lives, and how we can build a community. Mike is also a cyclist, and that’s how he realized the importance of a community – when he’s with his community of riders, very strong riders .....


How to Carve Your Own Path to Entpreneurship by Building Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn with Steven Arthur George

“I’ve always wanted to be out on my own, always wanted to make my own path if you will. But until I got into a space where I really could connect with something I was passionate about, then came the confidence,” says Steven Arthur George, founder of SAG Advisory Services. In this episode, Steven talks about his journey of finding the thing and space where he connected and felt confident to focus on to build his brand and a consultancy firm. Steven’s journey has started in the financial industry then moved to the cannabis space for more than a .....


The 3 Steps to Easily Attract More Publicity for Your Personal Brand Business

“It’s not that you have to have so much experience, or someone amazing promoting you. You just need to know how,” explains Lisa Simone Richards, PR and Visibility Strategist. Lisa works with coaches that are struggling to grow their audiences to get more exposure and visibility for their businesses. She teaches clients how to navigate the three mediums of content consumption, the ABC’s of visibility, and the do’s and don’ts of podcast pitches.    Many entrepreneurs mistakenly think that they need a big fancy PR firm or decades of experience for their content to be featured in popular media. .....


How to Develop a Growth Mindset Creating Content and Building Your Personal Brand

“You don’t grow  for the stimuli you’ve already survived, you grow for the circumstances you have yet to encounter.”, emphasizes Mike Phillips, an expert marketer and content creator, and a professional weightlifter. In this episode, Mike talks all about growth mindset and #musclemarketing, and the three layers to achieve and apply growth mindset, not just in marketing or business, but in any aspects of life. December 2020, during the lockdown, was when it all started for Mike in the marketing and content creating space, and then it just grew rapidly from there. He started by posting content on his .....


How to use Social Selling on LinkedIn to Grow a Relatable and Profitable Business

“To me, social selling is a way that you can network, position yourself as an expert, and actually enjoy the process of selling,” explains Dan Mott, a LinkedIn Social Selling Strategist. Dan started his business to prove to entrepreneurs that selling doesn’t have to be a painful part of running a company. With his extensive knowledge of LinkedIn, Dan teaches people a sales process that they can feel good about and actually enjoy.  Many entrepreneurs hold themselves back during the sales process out of fear of seeming sleazy to potential clients. However, Dan understands that if you actively listen .....


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