Find clarity and a proven plan to confidently share and amplify your work and ideas

  • make more impact 
  • Gain more recognition

Position Yourself™ for More

Position Yourself Playbook is my 3-phase process

to put your in the driver's seat with with a strong foundation, direction and momentum for a personal brand that takes you places.


Clarity is your brand's North Star. In phase 1, we start with where you are and where you want to go to position you for more opportunities. This benchmark brand assessment identifies your gaps and outlines recommendations to for your next best steps.. $997


In phase 2, we chart your best course with a custom brand plan roadmap to position, package and publicize your brand. From outlining your story, messaging, content, offers, and media, it's a comprehensive strategy to elevate your positioning and presence online. $2447


It's all about taking action on your roadmap in phase 3. My custom brand implementation services (and industry partners) ensure you confidently communicate and promote your personal brand roadmap via your website, LinkedIn, PR speaking, and more. $add on pricing



Is Your Brand Helping You or Holding You Back?

● Do you want to grow your business but know your current brand (or lack thereof) is holding you back?

● Are you ready to level up your business but not sure where to start?

● Do you want to represent your work the way it deserves with better positioning and presence?

My Brand Benchmark will do just that using my proven 7-step framework, much like a brand health check and reboot all in one. 

It's a deep-dive analysis and benchmark of your personal brand’s position and presence in the current market. 

The Brand Benchmark Guide gives you:

  • 1 detailed online analysis of your personal brand of your gaps and opportunities
  • 1 90-minute strategy call were I dig deeper on your brand's positioning, strengths and weaknesses
  • 1 in-depth online brand audit to determine your current presence in your space.
  • 1 follow up personalized report and video with custom recommendations to refine your brand to your bigger business vision.
  • A checklist to easy next steps to fix.

PRICE: $997


Personal Branding Training & Speaking

My interactive training and workshops (in-person and virtual) help groups and teams clarify and communicate their personal brands to better connect online. Each training includes action-taking digital workbooks and a follow-up group call with me.

Michelle B. Griffin, The Brand Therapist


Clarify Your Brand and Grow Your Business with Your Personal Brand Plan™

Everything you need to position, package and promote your unique expertise into a visible and profitable personal brand + business. Using my proprietary brand positioning system, BrandGPS,™ my Personal Brand Plan™ VIP coaching program guides established and growing expert entrepreneurs ready to stand out faster and get traction sooner to accomplish their biggest goals and dreams.