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The 3 Steps to Easily Attract More Publicity for Your Personal Brand Business

“It’s not that you have to have so much experience, or someone amazing promoting you. You just need to know how,” explains Lisa Simone Richards, PR and Visibility Strategist. Lisa works with coaches that are struggling to grow their audiences to get more exposure and visibility for their businesses. She teaches clients how to navigate the three mediums of content consumption, the ABC’s of visibility, and the do’s and don’ts of podcast pitches. 


Many entrepreneurs mistakenly think that they need a big fancy PR firm or decades of experience for their content to be featured in popular media. But the truth is that with the right networking, anyone can gain access to platforms like magazines, popular websites, podcasts, and even television shows. According to Lisa, it is important to start small and understand that it’s unlikely you’ll be featured on Good Morning America right away. Start with pitching to small local television shows, being interviewed on your friend’s podcast, writing a piece for a smaller blog, then work your way up to larger platforms. When you go back to the basics of creating the ABC’s of visibility (awareness, buzz, and credibility) for yourself and your brand, bigger and bigger opportunities will become available to you. 


Tune into this week’s episode of The Business of You for a helpful conversation about growing your audience and getting more PR for your personal brand business. Learn how to get exposure through written, audio, and visual media and get an understanding of the ABCs of visibility. 



• “We need to be focusing on visibility and making sure every single week we see that follower number and email list grow. It is important that we’re not just selling to the same few people over and over again, but expanding our audience.” (4:36-4:46)

• “It’s not that you have to have so much experience or someone amazing promoting you, you just need to know how. And once you learn how, you can do it over and over again.” (7:01-7:11)

• “Your ideal client has their preferred way of consuming content. And through this ladder of publicity, we’re going to hit each of the three ways. So no matter how they like to learn, you’re able to get in front of them.” (10:13-10:22)

• “Who’s someone that’s doing something similar to you, but is three to five steps ahead? Where are they getting featured? That could be a great place to get started. Just come at it from a different perspective.” (19:49-19:58)

• “You can be strategic and intentional with your relationships, but really use them in a genuine way that develops legit friendships.” (29:20-29:28)

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