December 6


Using LinkedIn Live Streaming to Build Connection With Your Personal Brand with Live Video Coach Ed Troxell

Live video streaming on social media is one of the best and fastest ways to quickly connect and bring your unique personality online. If recorded video isn’t your thing, this episode will tell you exactly why live video might be your answer.

In this episode, I interview live streaming video expert Ed Troxell who helps real estate professionals and entrepreneurs get confident and connected through live video marketing.

He shares some great tips on how to get started with a live stream and boost your confidence and connections through LinkedIn live streaming.


[02:26] Advantages of livestream over a recorded video

[07:58] LinkedIn live recommendations

[10:12] Podcasts & Livestreaming videos

[14:38] Live content video creation tools

[17:57] Top mistakes people make while doing videos

[21:12] Three key takeaways of a live stream

[26:24] Professional mantra


● “Websites are key to have a video on these days, especially because over ninety-seven percent of people are going to be looking you up and researching you before they ever contact you.” (15:27-15:39)

● “Our phone is no longer a phone. It’s your personal assistant. It’s your best friend. It’s the person who is there with you every step of the way, taking the photos to record your videos for you. We have to shift how we look at our technology and understand that these are devices that are helping us, and so we have to give them names.” (16:52-17:13)

● “Expecting no one to show up removes the layer of stress, and then it puts us in a positive energy place, because once we go live, we’re thinking about our topic and we’re giving away our talking points and when we’re in that live broadcast. If someone shows up or when someone shows up, you get excited.” (19:14-19:35)

● “If you practice too much, you’re going to start. Second-guessing, so give yourself a few times and then just get out there.” (24:03-24:08)



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