Stand Out In Your Industry With Your Personal Brand Plan™

The personalized coaching system to position, package and promote your unique expertise into a visible and profitable personal brand business.

Michelle B. Griffin, The Brand Therapist
  • Find clarity around you, your ideal client and what you want to be known for
  • Nail the right message to articulate your value proposition and market yourself with confidence
  • Amplify and grow your brand to win clients and land industry opportunities

"I'm not sure how to describe myself in order to differentiate myself" 

How many times have you struggled to clearly articulate who you are, what do and how you help your clients? 

Maybe weeks, months, or even years and it's keeping you stuck in a hamster wheel of overwhelm and obscurity.

Does This Sound Familiar?

 You have a hard time standing out in a noisy and crowded field

You have too many ideas and need to narrow down your focus or niche

 You struggle to define your ideal audience and attract the right clients

Your brand message isn't defined or differentiated 

 Your online presence is non-existent or doesn't convey you as the credible authority you are

You’re someone who needs a real process, personalized support and expert guidance to succeed

What's Holding You Back From Climbing Higher?

As a busy founder or expert entrepreneur have you been wanting to launch your personal brand?

But find yourself stalled and frustrated not being able to articulate your ideas, communicate your value and stay on track with all the shiny objects keeping you unfocused?

Michelle B. Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist

Why Is This So Hard to Do On Your Own?

You've tried going at it alone. Or you've bought courses, invested in programs and spent hours on Google trying to figure it out.

And you're still not out there...

It's not your happens to the best of us. That's because we're too close to our own brands. The "curse of knowledge" makes it hard to figure ourselves out, translate our ideas and convey our message and offers in a way that makes sense to others.

  • Lack Clarity
  • Procrastination
  • Short on Time
  • Need Support
  • Too Many Ideas
  • Curse of Knowledge


Clarify Your Brand.
Grow Your Business.

Personal Brand Plan™ is my VIP signature coaching program based on my proprietary brand positioning system, BrandGPS System.™

It's a proven 7-step roadmap that personally guides you through the exact steps to launch and scale your personal brand business.

Michelle B. Griffin, The Brand Therapist


No more being stuck on your own or guessing what works

In eight weeks, you'll launch your standout personal brand with your empowering guide and personal branding and marketing expert, Michelle B. Griffin.

Together we'll work on a proven path to clarify your message, position your expertise, and amplify your reach to attract more clients and opportunities so you become the go-to authority in your industry.

With VIP Coaching, you get both a "coach" to guide you and a "consultant" to add strategic insights.

Michelle B. Griffin, Personal Brand Strategist

Become the Unquestionable

Choice In Your Industry

Clarify your Message
  • Learn the mindset to put yourself out there
  • Discover your values, mission and zone of genius
  • Understand who you are and what you stand for
  • Find clarity and confidence in your brand
Position Your Expertise
  • Learn how to communicate your unique value
  • Develop your messaging and signature method
  • Stand out in a crowded and competitive field
  • Explain what you do in a compelling statement
Amplify Your Reach
  • Learn the best platforms to share your message
  • How to brand partnerships and industry opportunities
  • Build your story for press mentions and PR to amplify your message
  • Propel yourself for bigger business payoffs
Michelle B. Griffin, The Brand Therapist
Michelle B. Griffin, The Brand Therapist

Your Expert Guide and Coach Michelle B. Griffin

MICHELLE B. GRIFFIN, The Brand Therapist is an internationally certified personal brand strategist, author, speaker, and podcast host who believes in the “Power of Clarity to Put Yourself Out There To Make Your Unique Mark on the World.” 

With her proprietary personal positioning  system, BrandGPS,™ she elevates go-getter founders and experts ready to step off the sidelines and rise up in their industries with personal brands that make a statement and make a difference.

Michelle brings two decades in communications and marketing and a master's degree in PR to her brand consultancy, BRANDthority, where she consults and coaches clients worldwide. She is a frequent guest contributor and sought-after speaker on standing out to reach your full potential, impact-driven personal branding, and LinkedIn thought leadership.

Michelle is the host of The Personal Brand Therapy Show, a top-ranked personal branding podcast by Feedspot, and the co-host of the top-ranked  LinkedIn Branding Podcast, with listeners and fans worldwide.

Her debut co-authored book, The LinkedIn Branding Book, is available on Amazon.



"I'm now clear and confident in my messaging and my business is thriving."

" Michelle was instrumental in helping me create a clear and concise message. I had so much information ~ written and in my mind ~ yet could not find a way to clearly articulate, package and present my message in a simple way that resonated with others. 



"My visibility grew exponentially with my ideal client even before our sessions were over."

"When I started working with Michelle, I was experiencing information overload. As a marketer, I really needed someone to get my ideas out of my head and create content that was thought-provoking and built deep connections with my audience.

I needed to position myself as an authority on LinkedIn and grow my visibility to attract the right opportunities, network, collaborations, and the right clients.  Michelle helped me zero in on my thought leadership message and own my thought leadership word "Careerpreneur Brand." My TED Talk was a success and got positive responses from my global community

Michelle is passionate and excellent at what she does, but she genuinely cares, and, for me, this is priceless.


The Step-By-Step Foundation to Build Your Standout Brand for Next-Level Business Growth

Michelle B. Griffin, The Brand Therapist

How You Uniquely Stand Out


PERSPECTIVE: Discover who you are and what lights you up with purpose and alignment

Internal clarity comes from knowing who you are and what you want to be known based on your core beliefs, values, goals, personality, expertise, and mission. This phase is the foundation and most in-depth phase for self-identity and self-awareness to bring you clarity and confidence knowing you are comfortable showing up as the genuine you.

• Uncover your identity with your vision aligned with your business goals

• Work on mindset, beliefs, and confidence
 as a founder

• Clarify your purpose, mission, vision, values

• Identify your core strengths and beliefs

• Capture your brand/founder story


PEOPLE:  Define your ideal audience and get clear on their interests and needs

External clarity is about knowing your people — your audience persona and their needs and power partners to support and grow your visibility and reach. This phase will help you attract the avatar/audience you’re meant to serve as well as identify ancillary "power partners" to build your network, relationships, and community around your mission.

• Clarify your avatar and their needs

• Define their pain points/challenges/needs

• Define your niche/sub-niche

• Do a competitor analysis

• Identify industry leaders and partners

• Define your partner/community goals


POSITION: Differentiate your unique expertise and become the "known-as"

To stand out you can't blend in. Professional clarity differentiates you into a "category of one" to uniquely and confidently stand out as the go-to in your industry. 

• Define the problem you solve

• Define your positioning/opportunity gaps

• Identify your brand archetype

• Define your brand tone and voice

• Develop your brand promise and message

• Develop your personal brand statement


How You Uniquely Show Up


PACKAGE: Create your assets and  LinkedIn branding to showcase your authority.

Your brand needs to be showcased on your own platform and online profiles. The packaging phase is important to clearly communicate your personal brand both online and offline.

• Set your brand colors and visual

• Optimize your LinkedIn profile, banner, headline and authority areas

• Map your customer journey

• Identify signature branded frameworks

• Sketch out your signature offers/pricing

• Identify your branded marketing collateral

(Note: Depending on your needs, graphics, visuals, logos, website design, hosting, done for you full website copywriting, landing, sales and services pages copywriting and copy/additional content writing are additional add-ons. With my consultancy I have a team of well-qualified experts at all price points to assist you.)


PUBLISH:  Share thought leadership online to showcase your expertise.

Content is the fuel to your personal brand. Your core content impact areas will share and showcase your expertise to align with your "known as" brand positioning. 

• Identify your content themes

• Identify your secondary publishing platform

• Discuss best content formats and schedule

• Create a content bank of ideas/avatar needs

• Review LinkedIn content best practices

• Develop your content multiplying framework


How You Uniquely Amplify and Grow


PROMOTE: Amplify your message with podcasts, paid speaking, partnerships and PR.

Identify a clear path to amplify your personal brand online with shared, owned and earned media. This phase works on targeted areas to garner additional visibility on social, podcasts, speaking, media, partnerships, and collaborations.

•  Optimize your brand bio, 3 lengths

•  Outline your media one-sheet template

•  Outline topics/themes + descriptions for podcasts/speaking

•  Identify story ideas for media mentions/partner collaborations

•  Outline your podcast pitch template 


PROPEL: Set your next-level brand opportunities with your Personal Brand Plan™ Roadmap

Grow with your custom brand strategy, messaging, insights, tools in your custom Personal Brand Plan™ Book to refer and review your progress, make pivots as needed with clarity, confidence and credibility to explore new ventures, taking bolder steps, and saying yes to bigger goals to build trust and land greater opportunities.

• Review and outline social proof growth assets

• Set up data/metrics and analytics measurements

• Outline new collateral and conversion assets

• Define community/brand ambassadors

• Set growth goals and KPIs for the next stages
 to propel your brand for your goals and timelines.

Michelle B. Griffin, The Brand Therapist

You're ready to take your brand and business places, exceed your goals and build your future with your customized plan. Your Personal Brand Plan™ is an editable brand guide that includes all our branding, messaging, marketing, and visibility assets in one expandable and reusable resource.

Client Testimonials

I wanted to scale my consultancy and needed help finding clarity for my vision. I feel so much more confident in my new messaging. Michelle guided me to step up for more visibility and authority to reach bigger clients.

Barb Golub

Literacy Consultancy Founder

I can confidently own and communicate my framework. I feel much more aligned and have intentionality to continue to leverage my process and scale my brand message and marketing with her coaching.

Renee Cohen

Financial Advisory Founder

I was able to narrow my positioning, ideal clients, discover my own uniqueness, and identify the ways I could stand out. The breakthroughs were not just for my personal branding but also helped me with my personal growth.”

Scarlette Acevedo

Founder, The Good Rebel

More Client Results and Success

Michelle B. Griffin, The Brand Therapist

How I'm Different as Personal Brand Strategist

I take a foundational vs fluffy approach to personal branding. It pains me to see entrepreneurs wasting time, money, and sanity on what they think is building their brand. Before you step out online, hire a designer, ghostwriter or website developer, I set you up for success with a personal brand strategy, proven blueprint and repeatable playbook to develop your brand identity, master your messaging, and create a visibility roadmap to get you out there and get momentum, fast.

Plus, with 20 years+ in marketing and PR, we're building your business too. You're getting 5 experts in one: brand builder • messaging mentor • copywriting coach • marketer master • public relations pro


Find Alignment

Understanding the unique role you play in the marketplace can feel daunting. I take you through a proven positioning system in terms that you and others can quickly grasp.

Gain Visibility

Getting clear on the value you provide is only one half of the journey. Enjoy an easy process to successfully showcase your expertise and then amplify your reach and message.

Build Authority

When you're so close to what you do, it's difficult to find a clear perspective. I walk my clients through a personal branding framework with targeted questions to ensure objectivity.

Amplify Reach 

Without a roadmap for your personal brand success, it's easy to spin your wheels. My proven system will advance your brand to land clients and opportunities to grow your business.

Your Best Business Investment in

Business Is Investment in Yourself

  • Eight-week 1-1 personalized coaching program
  • Eight 90-minute 1-on 1 recorded Zoom calls
  • Eight weekly audio and text transcription archives in recap email 
  • Unlimited email or WhatsApp (M-F) support during the program
  • Unlimited reviews of your work during 8 weeks via Loom videos
  • Personalized and customizable Personal Brand Plan™ Book that includes all your branding, messaging, marketing, and visibility assets in one expandable and reusable Canva file.
  • Bonus* 60-minute follow-up call after the program conclusion to review your brand book.
  • Special promotional rate for ongoing monthly coaching 



3 payments of


save $300 pay in full  

Michelle B. Griffin, The Brand Therapist

See How Easily Can You Can Build Your Personal Brand 

Get the personalized and strategic premium 1-1 help to save you time, take away overwhelm and accelerate you out there, instead of being stuck, stagnant and invisible.

All you, for you, on your time frame.

No course, no group programs, no learning on your own.